How AI is Flipping the Sales Game Upside Down with Nelson Veiga

GUEST: Nelson Veiga, Field CTO at Espressive

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AI has emerged as a game-changer in various industries, and sales is no exception.

With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable insights, AI has the potential to revolutionize the sales process.

However, like any disruptive technology, there are both pros and cons associated with its implementation.

So, we’re asking…

What are the best AI business practices? What are some of AI’s risk factors? And what are the potential unintended consequences?

To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Nelson Veiga, Field CTO at Espressive, a pioneer in AI for enterprise service management.

Why Is AI the Game-Changing Tech Buddy We Didn’t Know We Needed?

You’ve probably heard a lot about AI lately. It’s not just a trending topic; it’s a real game-changer. Unlike the slow-paced adoption of the internet, AI is like a friend who suddenly appeared in our lives, making a huge difference.
Among the many types of AI, there’s Generative AI, which we can imagine as a tech buddy who’s perfectly imitating how we communicate. Besides talking to you, it can understand what you’re saying, giving businesses, especially sales teams, some incredible powers. However, while AI promises to be a game-changer, we’ve got to remember to use it wisely.

“What happened in November of last year was the equivalent of a meteor hitting a planet. And I’m not overselling that. I think that the impact of technology and its ability to ripple through society, business, and just things in general, and in such a short period of time, there’s nothing that I’ve experienced in my life that has been so powerful”.

Nelson Veiga, Field CTO at Espressive

That Smart Assistant Every Business Needs

Where can AI be a game-changer for businesses? Let’s dive straight into it:

  • In sales and marketing, AI can help draft emails, product details, and even stories about successful products.
  • From a legal standpoint, it can review all your contracts and even point out what might be missing.
  • If you’re facing troubles in service management, AI can help sort it out fast.
  • How about sales operations? Well, if you’re to guess future sales based on past ones, AI might come in handy.

In other words, AI could be that super-smart assistant, always ready to help your business do things more efficiently.

“AI is gonna make you a better salesperson, and a better business person if you embrace it. Anything that you can do to leverage or augment your intelligence is going to be helpful. So you’ve got to embrace it. You’ve got to have a mindset that it is going to be a force impact multiplier for you”.

Nelson Veiga, Field CTO at Espressive

Navigate the AI Jungle with Data Privacy in Mind

If talking about AI, there’s no way we can skip data privacy. When you use AI tools, like ChatGPT, you’re helping them become better, thanks to your shared data, so they can serve you better next time. However, be careful and think twice before sharing personal or business data with AI. If there’s something you wouldn’t want a room of strangers to know, keep it for yourself.

When dealing with complex tasks like HR documents or proprietary information, choose privately hosted AI tools for your business. But if you’re preparing a public video presentation or PowerPoint, simple tools should do the trick.

Mastering AI in Business

Before diving into AI, set up a clear plan. Start by identifying the business problems you’re aiming to address before bringing in the AI tools. If you’re unsure which problems AI can solve for your business, take your time to learn, attend seminars, read articles, or explore case studies to understand how AI is driving positive outcomes in various industries.

Once you’ve identified your goals, look for the tools, platforms, or partners that can best help you achieve them. Ensure you have a strategy for integrating the technology and enabling your team to use it effectively.

However, using AI doesn’t help you avoid errors. So, look at AI as augmented intelligence, which improves human capabilities, not replacing them entirely. When it comes to key decisions, humans should always make them. It’s like using autopilot for certain flight phases but not for landing a plane.

“Start with the end in mind. I want to improve this. I want to make my people more effective at doing outreach. I want to be able to be more effective at forecasting and analyzing data. So start with what is the business problem you’re trying to solve, as opposed to buying a tool and going, What does this thing do? Think like a business person. And once you understand what are some of the key desired business outcomes that you want to drive, then you go about looking at the different tools and platforms that are available there”.

Nelson Veiga, Field CTO at Espressive

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