Five Strategies to Close Business this Quarter

As we look to the end of Q4, external factors continue to play havoc with our ability to win new business – and yet, there are reasons to be hopeful.

To close business in Q4, you must be strategic, deliberate and honestly evaluate your opportunities to determine where you’ll have the most impact – it all comes down to these five keys.

Join us on November 28th at 10 a.m. PT for this engaging webinar where ValueSelling President and CEO Julie Thomas will share the five keys to closing sales in Q4.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll discover that despite the challenges we face as sales professionals, there will always be problems worth solving. Salespeople who come with solutions to pressing business problems and can demonstrate the impact on the organizational level will not only find sales success – they will become vital to businesses that thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Start that journey today by using these five strategies to ensure that the crucial Q4 deal you’re chasing comes through on time. Register below!