Does your team have essential account planning skills?

Account teams that provide exceptional customer service make customers feel valued. And according to Accenture, customers who feel valued are 1.5 times more likely to renew. 

ValueSelling Account Planning (VSAP) is the single source of truth for account teams—maximizing selling efficiency by identifying opportunities to create new opportunities, expand their footprint and grow existing business.

ValueSelling Account Planning

Account managers are often required to land the account, ensure customer success, secure renewals, and expand opportunities. In short, the account team plays a critical role throughout the customer lifecycle. 

But growing an account requires more than feel-good. It requires selling on value. 

The ValueSelling Account Planning (VSAP) workshop leverages the ValueSelling Framework® to existing accounts that are the lifeblood of your organization. By overlaying a simple and proven framework onto your organization’s account planning process, you can leverage a common language, tools and templates, including the Qualified Prospect Formula® and the ValuePrompter®. 

Enable your account teams to sharpen their ability to: 

  • Spot sales opportunities by better diagnosing business challenges 
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy and plans at the account and opportunity level 
  • Analyze existing opportunities and create actionable plans to increase win rate 

Develop essential account planning skills 

Upskill your account management team with the VSAP program. After attending, your team will know how to: 

  • Understand business opportunities and identify potential business issues 
  • Develop account plans to track opportunities and coordinate sales resources 
  • Assess current sales opportunities for gaps and develop specific action plans to bridge those gaps 

“It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.” – Invesp Consulting

It doesn’t make sense to lose opportunities that are yours to keep. Develop essential account planning and management skills. 

Enroll your team in the ValueSelling Account Planning (VSAP) workshop and help ensure your organization gets more incremental revenue from existing accounts.