How do you scale your prospecting to engage buyers?

Ask any sales leader and they’ll say their main challenge is getting more prospects in the top of the funnel. And that requires more activity to increase quality connections and generate more wins. Vortex Prospecting is an effective sales prospecting method that allows your team to do just that.

Vortex Prospecting

Develop the skills to:

Leverage technology to improve productivity

Capture attention in the first 10 seconds

Write compelling scripts for all types of interactions

Handle objections and employ value-added interruptions

Use anxiety, influence and motivation in your messaging

Create a weekly cadence plan that works

Fill the pipeline

The task no longer rests solely on sales. It includes account managers, responsible for new logo acquisition, as well as marketing and SDRs, who must target the right personas.

How do you keep a steady stream of qualified leads and achieve ever increasing revenue targets? Vortex Prospecting™ combines the best practices in multiple channels with the ValueSelling sales methodology to help close the execution gap, get more meetings and increase conversions.

How it works

There is no silver bullet. When it comes to prospecting, everyone knows the right thing to do. But how do you build credibility and peak curiosity to have more valuable conversations?

Vortex Prospecting is a multi-channel, cadence-based approach to prospecting. It leverages the way the brain is wired to increase familiarity with strategically choreographed interactions that increase the chance of making connections.

Customized to your target market and technology stack, Vortex Prospecting is a highly interactive instructor-led program that drives results. We don’t preach; you practice.

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