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Insights for Sales and Sales Enablement Leaders on Building High Performing Sales Teams

Maximizing Performance with Sales Coaching

A sales team trained on a tremendous methodology will still be ineffective without coaching to reinforce and drive adoption.

Key study findings include:

  • More than half of companies that had a formal coaching program in place for at least three years experienced high growth.
  • 60% of high-growth companies use coaching as an integrated part of a sales training program.


How Leading Sales Organizations Grew Revenue in 2020

ValueSelling Associates and Training Industry, Inc. surveyed 256 sales leaders and learning and development (L&D) decision-makers about their companies' approach toward sales skills and managing change while navigating a global crisis.



Virtual Selling is the De Facto Selling Environment. Better Be Prepared 

How do you maximize the impact of your digital/virtual communications? How do you build credibility and rapport? This ebook provides tips to master virtual meetings with the ValueSelling Framework.


Align Your Revenue Engine and Realize Remarkable Sales Results

The ValueSelling Framework® methodology, training and toolset align your revenue engine with a common language that enables sales professionals to compete on value, not price, and saves time in all selling scenarios.

The Three Big Factors That Impact Quota Attainment

Our joint survey collected responses from more than 300 B2B sales professionals (including individual contributors and sales leaders). We learned the three biggest factors that impact sales quota attainment are:

  1. having enough sales pipeline,
  2. having the right sales process, and
  3. the salesperson’s ability to communicate value to the prospect/customer.

In this ebook, we explore the survey results in more detail and provide steps that sales professionals can take to see an immediate improvement in quota attainment.


Upping Your Prospecting Game

Sales professionals know that not every opportunity will result in a win. What separates high-performing sales professionals from the rest is knowing which opportunities to pursue.

They rely on a formula to help them determine who is in a position to purchase and who is not. Then they pursue those true decision-makers, eliminating time spent on unqualified prospects.



Think Like An Executive, Sell to Executives 

Today, technology tools might accelerate online connections. AI may shorten the time to insight. But in the end, you still need to get in front of the right people. And you won't get far unless you forge relationships with the individuals who have the need and authority to buy.


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