Download the ebook, “The Three Keys to Sales Quota Attainment”

ValueSelling Associates and Selling Power study reveal the three largest obstacles impacting sales quota attainment.

ValueSelling Associates, Inc. and Selling Power Magazine surveyed 300 B2B sales professionals in the U.S., including individual contributors and sales leaders. The purpose of the study is to explore why sales teams are missing quota, especially when sales representatives are surrounded by tools and information to help them sell better, faster, and more effectively.

Key findings include:

  • Sales reps do not have enough leads in their pipeline to meet quota
  • Quota-missing reps do not get proper sales training
  • The ability to communicate value during a sale is a contributing factor to sales success
  • Salespeople need a simple sales process they can follow easily

Study finds 69% of B2B Salespeople do not have enough leads in their pipeline to meet sales quota

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