Value Selling: Cracking the Code: Beyond ROI

image of value selling expert julie thomas on blue background advertising upcoming webinar

What’s the biggest misconception about value selling? A good business case is the only thing needed to win the business.

The truth is many products and services that can add value don’t get purchased every day.

Business value is not enough.

The urgency to change is not just a business case. It is a human decision made by human beings. One foundational principle of the ValueSelling Framework is “People make emotional buying decisions for logical reasons.”

Join us for this engaging webinar where ValueSelling President and CEO Julie Thomas will share best practices on identifying impactful business challenges and creating a mutual plan with clients to deliver meaningful value. In this 45-minute session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Uncover individual value and personal motivation
  • The difference between a strong business case and creating urgency
  • Leveraging personal value in a sales situation to increase win rate

Don’t miss this opportunity to move beyond ROI calculations to embrace the true power of value-based selling. Register below!