7 Actionable Habits of Top Performers

The new year is just around the corner — and we have new challenges to overcome: changing buyer behaviors, remote selling and building relationships, attracting and retaining top talent in a highly competitive market. How well is your organization equipped to take control and lead?

Recent research established that developing 7 key habits across your sales force will make a tremendous impact on sales performance.

In these 45-minute webinars, we share key findings on the habits you want your sales team to develop to outperform their targets and improve sales effectiveness for the years to come.

bart nov

What you’ll learn:

  • The defining habits that set apart the world’s top-performing salespeople
  • How to develop these habits in your team
  • How to enable yourself and your organization to make 2022 a stellar year
  • How to leverage these 7 habits to build and retain top talent
  • Where the quick wins lie and how to exploit them

Who should attend:

  • Heads of Commerce/VP of Sales
  • Sales Enablement/Operations/HR
  • General Managers/CEOs of mid-size organizations