Greg Brown brings 30 years of sales and sales leadership experience with some of the industry’s most successful tech companies to his role as Managing Partner. Over the course of his career, Greg established a track record of scaling the revenue engines of emerging tech giants such as, PeopleSoft, E.piphany and Apttus & Blend Labs – having joined each of these companies in their very early stages (pre-IPO), he helped them grow into market leaders and realize company valuations exceeding $100B.

Greg was introduced to The ValueSelling Framework® in 2004 while serving as one of four RVPs at salesforce and immediately saw the power of this approach. After diligently applying the methodology across his teams, he quickly became the top-performing Director of Strategic Accounts and the #1 RVP worldwide. Since then, Greg has helped thousands of sales professionals incorporate ValueSelling into their revenue DNA.

By working with Greg, your team will learn to apply the ValueSelling Framework across the revenue cycle to connect with buyers, establish rapport and facilitate outcome- and impact-based conversations focused on the unique value your product/solution brings to buyers. Most importantly, he helps sellers create trust with potential buyers and instill confidence in their buying decisions.

Results will include:
- Accessing senior executive decision-makers
- Accelerating sales cycles
- Driving higher win rates
- Selling the breadth of products/solutions and closing larger deals - - Reducing discounting
- Improving forecast accuracy
- Building brand advocates

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