With more than 25 years of success in senior management and executive sales positions with established companies as well as start-ups, JB has successfully navigated the complexities of nearly every type of sales challenge. By leveraging his expertise as a build-out and turn-around strategist, paired with his belief that training should be fun, JB arms his clients with a solid education, sales-ready messaging and the confidence that they can win.

JB has enjoyed success in several high-level management positions, including President of Cole Valley Software, a software designer and distributor; Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Northwood Industries, a custom commercial products manufacturer; and Vice President of Sales for start-up wood case goods manufacturer, Woodscapes. During his tenure, sales increased between 80 and 100% at each company.

Previously, JB served as a turnaround specialist for several under-performing franchises with Denver cable giant, Daniels & Associates. Through his experience in senior management in general, and finance in particular, he not only understands the nuances of how the sales message must be communicated to different organizational functions, he understands what details will make the most impact.

JB joined ValueSelling Associates in 1999. Through this relationship, a few companies JB has consulted with include Cisco, NCR, Adobe, Cylance, Pure Storage, VMware, Autodesk, Silver Peak, Wind River, and Polycom.

He is a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer who delivers high-impact results by maximizing and leveraging his clients’ investment in the sales training initiative.

Listen to his podcast episode on the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, 'Using Core Competencies Instead of Personality Tests to Find the A Players'.

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