Lisa Schnare is an outbound sales development specialist with 10+ years of results in leading sales development, enablement and operations teams, and building impactful lead generation programs for SaaS companies.

She began her career as a sales development rep at Salesforce, and prior to joining ValueSelling Associates, founded and ran her own sales development and strategy consultancy, working with numerous high-growth SaaS and services companies worldwide to drive sustainable sales results. First trained in the ValueSelling Framework in 2018, Lisa has been a strong advocate of the methodology ever since.

As a mentor in the Women in Revenue community and #girlsclub, Lisa works to educate and empower the next generation of women leaders in sales, marketing and customer success. She is also a member of the Volta CoHort Board, helping early-stage startups develop sales and growth strategies, and has served on the judging panel for Propel ICT’s Gerry Pond Sales Award.

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