Lloyd Sappington is the originator of the ValueSelling Framework®, which he designed to enable companies to deliver the full value of their product or service.

Lloyd has spent more than 20 years in direct sales and marketing, first at IBM and Xerox, where he established an outstanding record for producing results in the sale of computer hardware, software and services. In 1997, Lloyd co-founded ValueVision Associates (now ValueSelling Associates) for the purposes of creating a delivery network for the ValueSelling Framework sales training program.

Lloyd’s vision of the ValueSelling Framework was formed during his direct sales and sales management experiences at both IBM and Xerox. Later, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Xyvision, Inc., he applied these principles and fueled the company’s explosive growth which culminated with their IPO in 1986.

His work with a leading high-tech organization for over a decade resulted in the delivery of ValueSelling training to thousands of people worldwide. Adoption of the ValueSelling Framework methodology continues to be the foundation for global teams in field sales, sales management, product development, and marketing, and is a significant factor in the organization’s sustained growth and profitability.

Lloyd completed his Bachelors of Arts degree in Mathematics at San Diego State University, and his graduate work in business administration at Pepperdine University.

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