As a consultant and project team lead, Riccardo guides corporate leaders throughout Italy and globally in applying the lean system principles, techniques, methods, and tools. He has significantly transformed operational areas, such as Development, Process Reengineering, Supply Chain Management, Industrialization, Project Management, HR training, and Industrial Investment Assessment by avoiding the “tried and true" and instead forging new ground that creates measurable results.

Riccardo is a Partner and CEO of auxiell, a consultancy dedicated to transforming companies into exceptional organizations in every way using a systematic approach. Through the lean approach, Riccardo has seen companies increase customer service and response time, reduce energy costs, and streamline production time from weeks to hours. His partnership with ValueSelling Associates enables him to apply the same lean principles to the sales process in 3 different languages. He is certified to facilitate in English, Spanish and Italian.

Although Riccardo has not followed a traditional sales career, he has successfully sold millions of euros of business-to-business services, one of the most difficult “products" to sell. He shares his real-world experience and process-oriented sales approach as a guest lecturer at renowned institutions and business schools in Italy, including Bocconi University, CUOA Business School, INFOR Business Academy and Bologna Business School. He is also a professional speaker at international conferences held in Italy and around the world.

Riccardo graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Padua, and is a certified industrial engineer registered at the Engineers College of Venice, Italy.

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