Tony leverages over 25 years of sales and senior leadership experience to challenge and inspire the next wave of sales professionals in achieving their unrealized potential. He guides management teams in executing growth plans and achieving consistent success where previously they had struggled to meet company objectives.

Throughout 18 years, Tony rose through the ranks of Gartner, a leading global research and advisory company. During his tenure, Gartner grew to a $3.3B company with 30+ consecutive quarters of double-digit growth. From individual contributor and sales management to sales leadership and senior corporate leadership, Tony’s charge: to drive globally consistent growth and retention programs that accelerate business performance across new and tenured sales professionals. His style: open, collaborative, honest and respectful.

An accomplished sales professional and advisor, Tony coaches clients on ValueSelling best practices that drive growth. He instills simple, consistent habits among team members through mentorship and encouragement, so organizations realize consistent results with improved retention rates and higher accountability among their teams.

Tony brings his natural born leadership style to his volunteerism as a Regional Organizer for North York Harvest Bank, Regional Organizer for The Hospital for Sick Children, and Chevalier for Sovereign Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, which helps the sick and poor of all nationalities, races, and creeds. He enjoys horticultural and garden design, running, and family excursions that include hiking with his English Chocolate Lab.

Listen to Tony's January 2019 webinar on Proactive Time Management Strategies and tune into to his episode on the B2B Revenue Executive Experience Podcast, 'How a Good Leader Leads a Purpose-Driven Company.'

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