Yuichi Abe started his career at IBM, and prior to joining VSA, he worked at Gartner Japan. As a sales manager for the manufacturing and supply chain services industry, he was instrumental in helping clients build their IT strategies by communicating directly with their CIOs about the need for better IT strategy development.

For his sales team, Mr. Abe prioritized increasing the sales productivity of his individual sellers. His efforts ultimately earned his team the Winner Circle Award that recognizes the best teams across Gartner’s global operations. The organization has continued to grow because of the right methodology, and the team that started with three people has now expanded to over 40 people.

He also served as a manager in the Client Partner Department, handling Customer Success for five years, combining global best practices with a unique Japanese flare and establishing a novel operations structure that has led to measurable growth in retention rates and department productivity.

From his experience at Gartner, Mr. Abe grasped the importance of a strong framework to encourage team growth. He found the ideal methodology in the ValueSelling Framework®, which he used as the foundation for building his team.

Mr. Abe believes it is his mission to help clients avoid “reinventing the wheel" in their sales operations and assist clients in creating an organizational structure that allows them to make maximum use of limited resources.

The ValueSelling Framework has proven itself on the global stage, and Mr. Abe believes that it is a framework that is applicable to a wide range of industries in Japan. His goal is to spread the practice of ValueSelling to as many clients as

In his private life, Mr. Abe still plays tennis every weekend, a hobby he has enjoyed since his days as a student. He and his three sons are a regular sight at the tennis courts.

He is also a practitioner of the traditional Japanese martial art of Kendo, and the respectful conduct taught in this martial art is reflected in his daily life.

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