3 Ways to Talk Up Value in Your Sales Calls

Setting yourself apart from your competitors should be one of the first things you do regardless of what you are selling. People always want to know how you’re different, especially if you charge a higher price point.

Yet some sales professionals struggle to answer this question accurately. Maybe they are selling a solution that’s becoming commoditized, leaving little distinction in a crowded field. Or maybe the prospect keeps bringing up price.


Regardless of the reason, it is critical that every sales team member be well-versed in articulating value that is meaningful to the prospect. To do this, start with these three approaches.

Align your uniqueness with the prospect. When talking to a would-be buyer, try to find specific problems that your company is uniquely qualified to resolve. For instance, say you sell janitorial services and discover a company is replacing corroding office equipment at a higher rate due to what you suspect is a current vendor’s harsh cleansers. Your products do the same job, but with gentler ingredients. That differentiator aligns very well with a prospect’s needs.

Don’t just know your products, know your competitors. You’re expected to know everything about the goods and services you sell, but you also need to gather as much information as you can about what else is out there. After all, you can’t explain why you’re better if you don’t know who you are better than.

Fully understand, and tout, what you have that others don’t. Most people know to promote their solutions’ features and benefits, since those are most likely to differ in some way from others in their space. But what if your products are too similar to someone else’s? What if you’re a leader now, but you’re being challenged by numerous startups pushing their version of similar products? Then, consider offering extended warranties, free training, 24/7 technical support and/or money-back guarantees.

One of the best examples are B2B tech companies with commercial products based on open-source code. Given their solution already can be found online for free, these companies offer more value, such as an additional layer of cybersecurity or on-demand technical support lacking in the freeware.

Buyers looking for great deals will inevitably bring up price, early and often, in a conversation. That’s why we recommend bringing the conversation around to customer-specific value. Help your prospects actually get more than they bargained for–by talking about and delivering value.

Sell with Value!

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