Take Advantage of the Summer Slump

July is prime vacation season for those living in the northern hemisphere. Days are longer, and life feels lighter. Prospects also tend to turn on the Out of Office auto-response on email and voice mail.

That’s why this month I recommend you take advantage of the downtime to examine your strategy for getting through to busy executives who are key to any sales efforts. Getting in the door to start that business conversation is often the most difficult part of selling. Here are several ways you can re-assess what’s working and what isn’t.


Are you targeting the right person? Ask yourself: How did I decide this is the executive most likely to need my company’s services or goods? Is that person still in that role? And, does that position actually hold the purchasing power? Do not go by titles alone. Every organization is structured differently. At one organization, managers may be the prime decision-makers; at another, it may be only the CEO. Do not waste your time pursuing someone who is not in a power position.

Are you communicating in the best manner? Just because email worked for one prospect, it doesn’t mean it will work for another. Every executive develops a communication preference, as do the executive assistants who serve as gatekeepers. Examine what has and hasn’t worked for a potential buyer and shift your strategy accordingly. It now takes between 6 to 20 touches to get on someone’s radar. Don’t rely on canned email campaigns alone, and do not discount cold calling after you’ve conducted some online outreach.

Is your sales cadence in need of adjustment? The manner and frequency of sales efforts also matter. Send too many unsolicited emails, and you may get blocked. Consider adding more thought leadership through social media. Write posts from your LinkedIn account that reflect the breadth of knowledge you’ve accumulated. Expand your social media networks so that you exchange information with a wider group.

The summer slowdown is also a great time to boost your confidence. Watch that sales training webinar you didn’t have time for during the busy spring. Take that eLearning course that’s been on your to-do list for months. If you’re a manager, schedule next year’s sales training now. Most importantly, do as others are doing (unless summer happens to be your prime selling season): Take time to truly rest, regroup and reflect. Your future self will thank you with exponential sales growth later in the year.

Sell with Value!

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