Spark Buyer Interest with Value-based Stories

Stand Apart in a Sea of Generic Messaging

In a world dominated by product-centric messaging, it's easy to see why outbound motions are struggling, and buyers are losing confidence in buying decisions.

The solution is impactful storytelling that focuses on individual buyers and their challenges to:

  • Pique interest by demonstrating an advanced understanding of a prospect's unique business
  • Establish credibility as a trusted business advisor 
  • Stand apart from the competition by focusing on business outcomes, not product features.

Captivate Buyers with Value-based Stories

Harness the Power of Value-based Stories to Drive More Leads, Meetings and Qualified Opps.

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Drive Differentiation: Help your teams stand apart with messaging that showcases their knowledge of a prospect’s business.


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Deliver Value-based Stories with Confidence:
Develop the skills across teams to present your business in terms that prospects understand and deliver the right message to any audience.

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Capture Buyer Interest: Develop the skills to motivate buyer action with value-based stories that demonstrate the value your business brings to customers.

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Sell Higher: Give your teams the tools to lay the foundations for impactful business conversations and engage executives. 

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Building on the foundation of The ValueSelling Framework®, Create Value-based Stories teaches revenue teams to engineer messaging from the prospect’s perspective. Delivered over two to three 4-hour sessions – either virtually or in-person – your teams will learn to:

  • Deepen their understanding of the business challenges that create need for your offerings
  • Demonstrate the value your business brings to customers
  • Design value-based stories that showcase credibility while building trust and rapport

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