5 Key Elements To Differentiate With Your Sales Process

092817 - Brian Burns

GUEST: Brian Burns, The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

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In a world where more B2B buyers are demanding a refined sales experience, enterprises have an opportunity to achieve differentiation with their sales process if they are willing to make some changes. Regardless if you are a Chief Revenue Officer or an individual sales professional there are five key elements you need to be focused on.

Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, sits down with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, Value Prime Solutions, to discuss the five key elements sales organizations and professionals should focus on to enable differentiation with the sales process itself.

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  1. NETWORK AT SCALE: Technology has enabled us to connect to more people with less effort than ever before. While this provides great benefits, the most effective sales organizations and professionals understand networking at scale requires a different approach and level of focus.
  2. THINK LIKE YOUR CUSTOMER: This isn’t new, but is becoming ever more critical as customers become better informed, more connected themselves, and want a collaboration, not a sales pitch. To step into the perspective of your customers can be the single most effective way to ensure the sales process you are employing is the right one for the way the customer wants to buy.
  3. OPTIMIZE YOUR USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Finding the right technology in the middle of the onslaught of new products hitting the market today, that will actually accelerate your sales process rather than hamper it, is becoming more art than skill.
  4. TURN YOUR CLIENTS INTO ADVOCATES: This isn’t a new concept, but the reasons for the need and ways to make it happen are changing. Do not overlook the power of a client advocate and their perceptions which are viewed by others as more ‘pure’ or ‘unbiased’ than anything you can possibly say or provide.
  5. COMPETE TO KILL / THINK STRATEGICALLY: We spend a great deal of time working to win complex, B2B sales deals. We talk about thinking like the customer and the way they buy. But a key strategic approach is to not lose site of the ‘whole account’ versus only the opportunity in front you. The top sales teams and professionals today are thinking ahead, working to identify ways to expand across accounts, remove or keep out the competition, and ensure their company is focused on winning and retaining the customer.

Listen to the entire podcast episode to get more insight into each key element, the things you, as a revenue executive, must be aware of to remain relevant and successful in the new sales landscape.

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