A Guide To Scaling Revenue: Using Data To Plug Leaks

GUEST:Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc.

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Two million annually — that’s a rough estimate of how much money your company could leave on the table if there’s misalignment within the organization.

And it’s all due to revenue leaks.

Like a ship crew rowing as fast as possible but never time to look up and see that the ship is sinking, your sales team could be putting all of their efforts into prospecting without realizing that viable opportunities are stagnating in the pipeline.

Today’s guest, Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc., joins us to discuss fixing revenue leaks, the importance of data and scaling your business.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Plugging leaks and uncovering data in businesses
  • The importance of data
  • Jennifer’s journey with Digital Magenta and what’s next

How do you catch every delicious drop of revenue without missing a beat? Let’s explore more.

“No one wants to put gas in their leaky fuel tank. So why would they want to invest in a leaky revenue generation system?”

Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc.

Uniquely Experienced

Jennifer is one of Canada’s most vibrant business pioneers.

Her career has spanned the ranks of marketing, product launching, demand gen, sales channels and global campaigns to become the co-founder of a truly visionary organization.

She’s a data alchemist on a mission to help companies accelerate revenue, achieve sustainable growth and avoid costly misalignment.

The Big Five

A business in hypergrowth is building many internal layers rapidly, which can lead to drowning in an overwhelming amount of incomprehensible information. This is where the cracks form.

Jennifer has identified the five biggest causes of revenue leakage:

  • Unreliable data
  • A lack of focus
  • Clunky manual processes
  • Inefficient tech
  • Siloed staff

Everything is interconnected, and a breakdown in one area can cause catastrophe in another. To overcome these disconnects, Jennifer’s team at Digital Magenta developed the Growth Data™ platform.

This framework helps leaders find the hidden clues to their true North Star, get their people aligned on a common goal and create fruitful, repeatable processes, so “essentially, everyone on the team is playing with the same deck of cards.”

“No CEO or leader needs more data.”

Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc.

Prioritizing Opportunities & Hitting targets

It’s crucial that companies start thinking about becoming data-driven because it helps them build a competitive advantage.

Poor management can create talent leaks as well as loss of revenue. Pro sellers and marketers want to work where they’re set up for success, and leveraging data in the right way can be a powerful recruitment tool.

Jennifer’s parting advice for company owners?

  • Have a clear strategy that serves a market need.
  • Transparency and honest messaging are crucial.
  • Drive innovation, because “you can never go wrong investing in analytics initiatives.”

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