How to Reduce Zoom Fatigue and Uplevel Your Next Zoom Conference

GUEST: Ana Raynes, CEO at Simplified Impact


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I recently asked my team, “When was the last time you felt fatigued from being online?”

Everyone answered and the response was not shocking …

In our newly digital workplace, we are constantly bombarded with Zoom invitation after Zoom invitation.

Our eyes and calendar can only handle so much!

I then asked myself, “What could make meetings more manageable for attendees and impactful for hosts?”

To find out, I talked with Ana Raynes, CEO of Simplified Impact, to discuss the power of differentiated, up-leveled Zoom events that will be remembered and reduce fatigue.

We also talked about:

  • Tips and Tricks on Up-Leveling Zoom Events
  • Patterns of Innovation During Crisis
  • Reducing Zoom Fatigue with Experiences
  • Up-leveling Online Experiences
  • How can you make your online events memorable?

For some, that may look like hiring a professional camera crew and writing out scripts for all those involved. For others, it might be as simple as having no interruptions while presenting during online meetings.

In either scenario, you are up-leveling the quality of content brought to your viewers by reducing distraction and focusing on what matters: YOU!

My client hired one of the top chefs in her city to do a cooking show. Then, in between sets, she wrote a whole script. She layered in the message that she was trying to come across … and baked it into the cooking show.”

Ana Raynes of Simplified Impact

Patterns of Innovation

For the last decade, we have seen nothing but prosperous growth, new ideas, and exciting innovations across every industry. Then, COVID hit and this idea of innovation, specifically technological innovation, charged ahead.

Innovation by definition is making changes to something. This can be introducing new processes, ideas, methods, or even tools. In the case of COVID and technology, businesses had to adopt virtual work environments for the safety of employees and customers.

This is a really phenomenal time for innovation. That’s the opportunity that always presents itself, right when we retract.”

Ana Raynes of Simplified Impact

Platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts soon became the primary way of communication, collaboration, and human interaction. We now have businesses whose sole purpose is to make sure your workspace is presentable by providing you with lighting, a green screen, and the capability to change your appearance online.

3 Tips for Reducing Zoom Fatigue

  1. Avoid Multitasking
    Sometimes it can be tempting to respond to an email or go on your phone during a meeting where cameras are off. There seems to be this shining opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by being able to listen while doing other tasks at the same time.

    Don’t fall for it! Multitasking can lead to Zoom fatigue and a bad memory.

  2. Take a Break
    Having back to back meetings can not only drain you but keep your desk-locked for the entire day. While meetings may be unavoidable, try scheduling in breaks to take a walk, quick power nap, or rest your eyes away from electronics.

    One effective way to do this is by scheduling 25- or 50-minute meetings as opposed to the traditional half-hour and hour-long meetings!

  3. Ask yourself- “Could this meeting be an email?”
    This may seem like a no brainer, but oftentimes unnecessary meetings could be avoided by asking yourself this one simple question.

Experiences in Digital Marketing Final Thoughts

  • Don’t be afraid to innovate right now by differentiating yourself and taking risks
  • Invest in yourself and your customer’s online experiences
  • Be gentle with yourself and all the time you spend online

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Ana Raynes, CEO of Simplified Impact.

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