Building Authentic Connections in B2B Sales with Drew Sechrist

GUEST: Drew Sechrist, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect The Dots

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Building strong relationships with customers is crucial for long-term success. 

Gone are the days when salespeople could solely rely on product knowledge and persuasive tactics to seal deals. 

In today’s landscape, customers crave more than mere transactions; they desire genuine and tailored experiences. This is where the power of authenticity and relationship-building comes into play.

So, what else makes cultivating strong relationships with partners, fostering a channel community, and nurturing employees’ relationship-building abilities so crucial?To help us with this topic today, we have Drew Sechrist, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect The Dots.

What Is Relationship Selling?

Relationship selling involves two key elements: understanding your network and adopting a pay-it-forward mindset. First, analyze your relationships and the extended connections they offer. Second, develop a mindset of helping others without expecting immediate returns. By doing so, you build a positive reputation over time. When the time comes to pursue your objectives, tap into your network for support. By leveraging the goodwill you’ve established, people will have the desire to help you.

“Ensure that you’ve got this pay-it-forward mindset where you’re going to help no matter what, no matter where, and you’re going to see how you can help the people in your network”.

Drew Sechrist, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect The DotsInsight Partners

Don’t have a status yet – borrow it

When SDRs and BDRs build network relationships for the first time, they often encounter skepticism from the people they reach out to. This is particularly true in today’s age of abundant LinkedIn connections. Overcoming this initial suspicion requires a strategic approach. 

Drew recommends SDRs and BDRs enhance their positioning by becoming true experts in the problems their target audience faces and the solutions their company offers. As an SDR or BDR, it’s also acceptable to borrow status, recognizing that you are still on the learning path. Eventually, through continuous learning and experience, you will attain your own status and expertise.

“If you are an SDR, borrow status; if you are a BDR, borrow status. You do not have it yet, but you will learn. Someday, you will have it, and it will be okay”.

Drew Sechrist, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect The Dots

No lies, just authenticity

Authenticity is crucial in how we relate to others and use products today. People have an innate ability to sense authenticity, distinguishing genuine interactions from hidden agendas. Balancing personal agendas with authenticity requires a pay it forward attitude, being kind and honest with everyone. Additionally, it is essential to only sell what you genuinely believe in.

“Your life should come with an omnidirectional pay-it-forward attitude because you’re covering your bases. Be completely honest here. And so when it comes time for you to ask for a favor that is your agenda, they’re receptive to it because they know that that’s not all there is to you”.

Drew Sechrist, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect The Dots

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