Building Authenticity For Purposeful ROI with Jeff Risley

GUEST: Jeff Risley, Chief Growth Officer for Saxum

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The customer journey is the most important aspect of a successful campaign. 

From the first “hello” to every interaction after, how do you ensure that your customer’s brand has relevance, authenticity and purpose?

Today’s guest, Jeff Risley, Chief Growth Officer for Saxum, talked about investing in marketing and PR to get a maximum return on investment through sales. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • How to build credibility with your customers 
  • How customer success and service build into revenue optimization
  • Why creating a lockstep approach to sales and marketing is essential

Ready to learn about leveraging revenue marketing to deploy solutions that work? Let’s explore.

The ‘obsessed for the good’ part of our mission is very much about our positioning and our culture. We’re here to do more than just make money, and we want to help our clients do more than just make money.

Jeff Risley, Chief Growth Officer for Saxum

Actually making a difference

An MBA with a journalism background, Jeff calls Colorado home, where he loves to enjoy the great outdoors, especially while perfecting his fly fishing techniques. “Trout do not live in ugly places,” he jokes.

Saxum is a proud member of the UN Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative on the planet. They’re dedicated to supporting issues near and dear to Jeff’s heart.

Investment impact

As Jeff rightly points out, “CEOs don’t care about awareness and consideration; they want to know if their investment impacted their revenue growth.”

Customers have changed dramatically, and the youngest demographic has immense purchasing power. These highly desirable consumers demand relevant and purpose-driven brands.

His team utilizes omnichannel capabilities to create revenue with three crucial aspects:

  • Sustainability
  • Predictability
  • Provability

You’ve got to know your target audience and how they regard their interactions with your brand.

“You have to begin and end with your buyer.

Jeff Risley, Chief Growth Officer for Saxum

Personas and maps

Data analysis is key. Isn’t it always?

“We’re big into developing personas and building journey maps for clients,” Jeff notes, but most want to jump ahead to the end of the process.

Investing in background research yields more powerful results.

Without revealing the secret sauce, he acknowledges that the answer lies in combinations and patterns. At Saxum, “We eat our own cooking,” — they’re following the same insightful strategies they recommend to their clients.

Three buckets

When it comes to your most fundamental metrics, Jeff says to think about it in terms of three buckets:

  • Program metrics – email campaigns, click-through rates, conversions
  • Profitability – demonstrate how those things drive sales
  • Lifetime value – a long-term view of your customer lifecycle

There are dozens of sub-datasets in each bucket that can help you pinpoint your most important KPIs.

From funnel to flywheel

If you want customers continuously coming back for more, stop thinking about sales and marketing as a funnel. It’s a circle.

SaaS companies need to capture and utilize customer data to monitor satisfaction and predict renewal rates. An archaic tech stack won’t help you maximize customer service and present a unified message.

Purpose-driven companies that offer their buyers sustainability, value, and exquisite customer experiences will be the ones that get attention.

Building credibility

Above all (except fly fishing), Jeff loves helpful, relatable content. Cold emails can be “super effective when the headline is really relevant and human and addresses a pain point.”

He’s also a huge fan of seamless buying interactions. So much so that he doesn’t let himself buy things any longer through Instagram — or while lying in bed.

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