Data Literacy: It’s Everyone’s Concern

GUEST: Matt Cowell, CEO at QuantHub

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You’re in college, and things are going pretty well (other than the vaguely threatening hairspray bills your Mötley Crüe tribute band has racked up). You passed that calculus class you’ve been worried about all semester — and managed to forget basic algebra before the celebration keg was even cracked.

If forgetting is so much easier than learning, even in academia, how can you ever expect to upskill a whole organization?

Especially when it’s something everyone needs to know — like data.

When you want data literacy across a whole organization, turn to today’s guest, Matt Cowell, CEO at QuantHub, an organization dedicated to helping you imbue every part of your own organization with the mystical data arts.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Why long-form learning fails
  • The importance of data literacy in every facet of your business
  • Why AI and machine learning are useless without data literacy

Everyone knows the buzzwords. It’s time to dig deeper.

“Without all of us becoming more data literate, then a lot of the potential that exists in AI will stay that way — as potential.”

Matt Cowell, CEO at QuantHub

Science, product and potential

A die-hard hair-metal fan and guitarist with an MSE in chemical engineering, Matt started out researching laundry detergent for P&G.

After a mind-boggling journey through product and software development, he’s now helping organizations stay competitive by nurturing an adaptable, data-fluent workforce.

His chief belief: Upskilling your staff leads to maximizing your profit.

“It doesn’t take data science — or magical, mythical AI — to solve all your problems. It’s right there in front of you if you just ask some good questions and answer them with data.”

Matt Cowell, CEO at QuantHub

That data mindset

The old-fashioned learning approach of “set it and forget it” isn’t going to work for building data literacy in your workforce.

What does? Matt says that there’s a lot of similarities between machine learning and the best methods for humans:

  • Microlearning
  • Continuous practice
  • Collaborative teaching

Transforming your people into amateur data scientists from the ground up isn’t easy. Still, everyone must get into the data mindset — sharing responsibility for moving the company forward with data literacy.

A rapidly evolving platform

Everyone knows getting the right people in the right seats is vital. QuantHub’s unique assessment capability can help you identify candidates that are able to process and learn data concepts effectively.

Matt predicts a seismic shift over the next 5-10 years, and businesses without agile, upskilled workers will flop.

Harnessing the power of AI to upskill your workers to amateur data scientists might sound like a fantasy, but it’s going to be a reality soon.

Matt’s parting pearls of wisdom for us?

  • Listen first
  • See the world through the lens of your customer
  • Focus on how your words will be received instead of what you want to say.

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