Data Nerds & MarTech: What You Really Need to Know

GUEST: Brian Walker, President at Statwax

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Your quest is to navigate the ever-changing MarTech landscape, find meaningful data, and turn it into an actionable, profitable strategy. Easy!

There’s one tiny catch: Your marketers and sellers will need to become data scientists, too — in all of that imaginary free time they have. There has to be a better way, right?

Luckily our guest, Brian Walker, President at Statwax, is an expert at helping brands identify the metrics they need and create a single, powerful thread that gets everyone on the same page.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Improving impact while squeezing marketing dollars
  • The volatile Venn diagram of sales and marketing
  • Building a content strategy that sales can truly utilize
  • Why you don’t have to be a data scientist to manipulate data successfully

Ready to learn the alchemy behind increasing revenue without increasing spend? Let’s delve deeper.

“If you’re capturing the right information, you can still engage sales in the right way without asking them to become data scientists.”

Brian Walker, President at Statwax

High performance

An ardent home chef, Brian delights in exploring the culinary landscape with his family. His adventurous spirit also inspires his team at Statwax to flourish, managing over $2 million in monthly digital ad spend for their clients.

He’s dedicated to nurturing an organizational culture that thrives on trust, transparency, and inclusivity.

An expert on event tech, he’s a high-energy pro… those beautiful lattes really keep him going.

“I think of the big Anchorman brawl. It’s just marketing and sales with pitchforks and stuff going at each other all the time.”

Brian Walker, President at Statwax

Garbage in, garbage out

No matter how sparkly and new your MarTech might be, if you’re not utilizing the right data, you’re missing out on a world of actionable information. That’s practically throwing away money.

Statwax enables businesses to pinpoint useful data streams and ensure every cent of their marketing budget is making the biggest impact.

Data should help marketing provide your sales team with tools to drive revenue generation. Brian takes a unique approach — he starts every client’s digital transformation by talking with their top sales rep to get the inside scoop.

The key, he acknowledges, is bridging the gap, letting the data nerds handle the complicated stuff while still giving sales, marketing and the C-suite the exact info they need to be wildly successful.

“Bridge the gap between teams and build visibility in the data so that no one has to become data scientists, but can still easily see the narrative and understand how to take action on it.”

Brian Walker, President at Statwax

Value actions

Leaders have more crucial things to focus on than pawing through pages of esoteric reports. They need to be able to cut directly to the razzle-dazzle.

Brian has spent more than six years perfecting his technique for building systems and strategies that harness data analytics and help organizations get the most bang for their marketing bucks.

What’s his most vital advice for folks in the sales and marketing trenches? Don’t be afraid of diving into data. You’re probably already sitting on a treasure trove that’s just waiting to increase your revenue.

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