Decoding the Myths & Mysteries of Outbound Marketing

GUEST: Mark Colgan, CEO and Co-founder of Speak on Podcasts

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Your latest paid-ad campaign is a resounding failure. You were trying to siphon off some of your competitors’ customers.

Unfortunately, your competition has much deeper pockets, and they danced circles around you. Why is outbound marketing so haaaaard?

Let’s go all “DaVinci Code” and crack this mystery with today’s guest. He’ll help you get unstuck on outbound, increase activation and think more like an SDR to maximize growth.

Mark Colgan is the dynamic CEO and Co-founder of Speak on Podcasts, a massively creative firm dedicated to building authentic and intimate brand touchpoints through podcasting.

He’s also a digital nomad currently residing in sunny Portugal, a former model and an infamous prankster.

“Think like an SDR with your outbound marketing.”

Mark Colgan, CEO and Co-founder of Speak on Podcasts

Be Fearless

SDRs are your company’s front line. They’re determined, well-armed with research and pursue their goals with dogged tenacity.

Mark encourages marketers to adjust their attitude and adopt these traits post haste. No matter what you’re selling, you should be starting conversations on every channel — talking to your customers daily.

The buyer’s journey is a bit murky these days, but you should be intimately aware of the first and last touches. Everything in between, Mark refers to as “the very messy and misty bit in the middle.” Don’t be afraid to charge bravely forward into the unknown.

Experience a Mindshift

Content is king, but the monarch has to evolve. Mark’s controversial opinion is that you should create content around the bottom of the funnel first:

  • Start with a strong foundation, and then hit the position of, “what is the most valuable content I can create for my prospect?”
  • Invest in learning, even if you have to become an expert outside of the 9 to 5. TikTok didn’t even exist a few years ago, but successful marketers became pros real quick.
  • Update your mindset from “sales sales sales” to a deeper understanding of your customer and a razor-sharp focus on learning their pain points and offering solutions.

People do not like to be pitched to or sold to, says Mark, but everybody loves to buy. Retail therapy, anyone?

“Give first without expecting anything in return: The moment you stop selling, you start selling.”

Mark Colgan, CEO and Co-founder of Speak on Podcasts

Organic Trust

Mark’s GOAT advice is to know thy customer. Then help them. It’s really that simple. The vast majority of B2B purchases are made to avoid pain or loss. Remember that, learn your buyers’ biggest challenges, and then help them.

This builds brand loyalty, trust and a rabid fanbase better and faster than any Marketing 101-level outbound.

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