How to Build Trust through Buyer-Obsession with Moeed Amin

GUEST: Moeed Amin, Director and Founder of Proverbial Door

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Offering Amazon vouchers?

Trying to book the follow-up call before the first call has even ended?

Booking a demo for a company that you just want to sell to?

Forget about gimmicks, techniques, or maneuvers. Effective selling is actually much simpler… and the secret lies in neuroscience.

To share more, we’re joined by Moeed Amin, Director & Founder of Proverbial Door, a consultancy that helps B2B companies and sales professionals improve their performance by a minimum of 50% in six months. We cover the role of trust, obsession and neuroscience in sales.

Specifically, Moeed shares why we need to earn trust, be customer-obsessed and the neuroscience behind sales and changing our way of selling is so hard.

What makes trust so impactful?

Buyers expect two simple things from sellers: trust and honesty.

Without either, the buying process will most likely fail. A buyer wants to be sure he can trust his reputation with you and your product.

“If you want to achieve overperformance compared to everyone else, you’ve gotta go against the grain.

Moeed Amin, Director & Founder of Proverbial Door

The seven characteristics of a trustworthy person

Buyers are getting smarter and smarter: you can’t trick them. They want to know if they can trust the seller and whether they can risk their reputation, which they worked hard to earn, with this person. 

Trust is becoming more and more important in the sale process.

Moeed shares the seven characteristics of a trustworthy personality: authenticity, consistency, integrity, responsibility or accountability, generosity, and agreeableness.

The seven characteristics are not mutually exclusive. For example, it is hard to be generous without exemplifying the other six.

These seven characteristics are so vital as they enable the seller to focus on the needs of the buyer instead of the commissions he or she stands to earn.

“The most important thing in sales is the ability to ask good quality questions and to truly listen to the answers given.

Moeed Amin, Director & Founder of Proverbial Door

The neuroscience of sales

The neuroscience of sales boils down to waking up a buyer’s brain and aligning to their needs to get their attention, build rapport, and close deals faster, following proven psychological techniques.

Sellers should try to align features with the needs of their buyer and be perceived as an authority. To do this… you must ask questions and build trust (as per the seven characteristics above).

They don’t care about you

Let’s be honest, your customers do not care about your features or theory. They simply want to know how your product will help them solve their problems.

Acknowledge that and learn about your customer. Many sellers are not able to talk at length about the persona they’re targeting.

Everything you do needs to speak to that ideal customer and the primary problem that they have (that your product can solve!), from the email copy you write to the messaging you use in sales calls and the design of your collateral.

Gaining trust

Be buyer-obsessed

To earn trust, you have to be buyer obsessed. 

Understand what is important to them. Learn about a day, week, and even a month in their lives.

This is where the magic happens, as you can start to see their pain points and needs your product might solve.

How can YOU help

The average buyer has about five to ten years more experience buying than the average seller has selling. 

Stop trying to deceive these people.

Portray the seven characteristics of trustworthiness and be passionate about what you offer the buyer and the value and promises you make to your buyer. 

Think about how you can help them now and in the future.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Put the first things first. Major in the majors: engage and resonate with your buyer.

Throw all conventional wisdom out the window and go against the grain. Learn that people chase simple things that help preserve as much energy (glucose) as possible. For this reason, you need to make the buying process as easy as possible for the buyer to understand what value you provide. 

Hopefully, you now understand the importance of building trust in sales. If you have doubts, revert to neuroscience.

One thing is for sure, you have to engage and understand your customer to sell today. If you get to know them on a personal level, you will be much more likely to match them with a solution that fulfills their needs, and they won’t be able to do anything but trust you. 

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