How to Personalize at Scale Without Losing Velocity

GUEST: Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue

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You get a sales email — it’s clearly a template targeting anyone 18-75 with a pulse with your name pasted at the top. Like everyone else, you delete it and forget about it.

Why are you still sending the same impersonal emails to your prospects?

In this episode, Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue and host of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, explains how to achieve personalization at scale without sacrificing velocity.

“I’m always going to love personalization because I’m a real advocate for it in my own prospecting. If I can see that it’s just automated, it’s not going to work for me.”

Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue and host of the Predictable Revenue Podcast

What You Need to Know

Templates work

Often, personalization at scale seems like a major time suck — especially if you consider all the other prospects you need to reach. If templates aren’t working for you, perhaps you’re not narrowing your personas enough — which, if done right, can get you most of the way to personalization by itself.

“You need to know when to draw the line at, say, five minutes and just go for being personalized to the persona in general because that’s the best you can do.”

Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue and host of the Predictable Revenue Podcast

LinkedIn is a social platform

LinkedIn is — as I hope you know by now — a social platform. That means you need to follow the regular social rules that apply to in-person interactions from back when we could actually see each other in person, i.e., don’t be weird.

LinkedIn is not just a digital resume

Yes, once upon a time, LinkedIn may have been primarily to help you get jobs with your shiny resume. That’s no longer the case — or maybe it is, but it’s not the primary use. Did we mention LinkedIn is a social platform? If you are only using it as a digital resume, you are wasting its power.

How to Capitalize

Templates save you time and increase your win rates

Next time you sit down to make a template, narrow that persona down as much as you can. That way, you can craft 80% of your message to be pretty personal and save one or two lines for the really unique info. You don’t need to waste endless time on personalization to preventyour outreach from being sentenced to the spam folder for eternity.

Don’t be weird

Social selling is just like any other social interaction. If you make a new friend, do you turn around and ask them for money the next day? Of course, not — so remember that the next time you connect with someone on LinkedIn and have an overwhelming urge to DM them a hard-sell 12.8 seconds later.

Move past the resume

Before using LinkedIn for building your network, you’ll need to make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth — which, in this case, means the choppy resume sentences that start with “assisted with…” and “created a world-class…” Instead, use this valuable real estate for communicating your business’s value for your prospects.

“Your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t read like a resume, but a case study for your business that appeals to your target market.”

Sarah Hicks, SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue and host of the Predictable Revenue Podcast

Personalization at scale is possible

You don’t have to waste endless time on personalization at scale; you need to be smart about your approach.

In the end, it’ll pay off when you see your win rates fly higher than a UFO over New Mexico.

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