How to Prepare a Winning GTM Strategy

GUEST: Patrick Baynes, CEO of Nerdwise

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Your company has just launched its newest innovation — it’s gonna change the world! If you can successfully bring it to market, that is. So, naturally, you’ve consulted a Druid priestess and a sorcerer from Des Moines to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Only, the replies were murky (“Reply hazy, try again”). Before you delve into more alternative forms of divination, what if we told you there was an easier way?

Well, if you ask today’s guest, Patrick Baynes, CEO of Nerdwise, he’ll tell you that you’re overthinking it. Forming your GTM strategy doesn’t take black magic; it takes a little organization and preparation.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The best approach to planning a GTM strategy
  • When and when not to use automation
  • How to get sales and marketing to hold hands and skip along

Time to ditch that Magic 8 Ball and learn a much easier way of ensuring GTM success.

The beauty of simplicity

Patrick launched his career at LinkedIn fresh out of college, as a humble customer operations agent. Launched is the right word — from there, he reached the rarefied heights of COO, VP, to Co-Founder of an acquired start-up, and now a vibrant CEO. He’s a walking C-suite.

He also loves preparing the perfect charcuterie board. Patrick channels his inner Martha Stewart to create a 5-star experience in both his personal and professional lives, and he knows a simple approach is always best.

“People like people; they don’t like marketing. So, be human.”

Patrick Baynes, CEO of Nerdwise

GTM basics

Patrick has sat through many boring workshops on getting a product ready to go to market, so you don’t have to. He says there are three main things to think about when you’re beginning to craft your GTM plan:

  • Know your goals
  • Organize
  • Prioritize

Find where you have the most traction, and drill down there. Your aim should be to make the lives of you and your marketing + sales team easier. Work smarter, grow faster (one of Nerdwise’s key tenets).

“GTM strategy doesn’t have to black magic. Don’t listen to people who try to make it sound more complicated than it is.”

Patrick Baynes, CEO of Nerdwise

Elemental messaging

A vital component of GTM is knowing your audience intimately to develop effective messaging. We’ve all run into truly terrible outreach, and it’s even more challenging to get through to people in this day and age.

Patrick gives us a few crucial elements of messaging to focus on:

  • Ensure you’re using a common language.
  • Know your customers’ goals — get in their heads.
  • Establish your credibility right from the start.
  • Be personal in all of your communications.

Nobody wants to feel like robots are badly marketing to them. A winning, more personalized strategy happens when sales and marketing are “holding hands and skipping down the street together,” he says.

AI, automation and new tech stacks can make it much easier to launch your product and generate business — but Patrick warns that valuable leads and current customers demand nothing less than the human touch.

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