Is Your Tech Stack Helping or Hurting

GUEST: Asa Hochhauser, VP of Sales for

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You’ve been speaking to a salesperson about this new software that’s going to revolutionize your tech stack.

It’s AI-powered. It’s shiny. It has an all-leather interior and carbon fiber trim. It helps grandmas cross the street. You’re daydreaming about all the things you can do with it… and somewhere along the way, you’ve forgotten what you’re trying to do in the first place.

Today’s guest, Asa Hochhauser, VP of Sales for, joined us to discuss the venerable tech stack and how to avoid the pitfalls — like the one above — many companies find themselves falling into when trying to optimize theirs.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you need to understand the product before you buy
  • Why companies often fail to get the ROI they want from their tech
  • The evolving role of data in marketing

Ready to re-energize your tech stack? Let’s dive in!

“You put a tool in place without a good strategy behind it, and that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Asa Hochhauser, VP of Sales for

Surf the stack

Asa is a growth-focused sales hacker, a martech maestro and a go-to-market guru. He’s also a fan of catching waves off sunny South Florida.

With over 15 years in the game, Asa is leveraging his expertise to help companies stop wasting money on tech that isn’t serving their bottom line.

Your stack might have all the bells and whistles, but if you don’t have an expert admin, you’re missing out on both functionality and revenue. You might even be doing damage to your brand.

“The companies that are getting the most ROI from their stack are the ones that are able to integrate appropriately.”

Asa Hochhauser, VP of Sales for

Your tech map

Seriously, something like four new martech companies have been founded since you began reading this, so how do you separate the real deal from the pricey smoke and mirrors?

You need to find the tools that fit your funnel. CRM, analytics, sales acceleration — get beyond these categories and start thinking about a holistic integration. That’s where you’ll see true success.

“What is the workflow going to look like once it’s stood up? What kind of training is it going to require? The best buyers are the ones that are thinking about these things. If they’re not asking these types of questions, I think it throws up a lot of red flags.”

Asa Hochhauser, VP of Sales for

Data to the rescue

It all comes back to data. Asa thinks the future is bright, and martech will finally get its act together and fulfill its promise. is at the forefront of bringing companies together with the right tech, and seamlessly integrating and implementing, so companies can simply get down to business instead of constantly fretting.

His top tips for us? Know your customer, know your stack, know yourself.

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