Why Podcasting Will Get You More Leads

GUEST: Jessica Rhodes, Founder & Co-Owner at Interview Connections


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Why do I appear on podcasts (and host my own)?

Simple: It works.

It builds your brand, gets your name out there and attracts clients.

Everyone wants more leads and hopping on a podcast is one of the best ways to get them.

To help explain why it’s so effective, I caught up with Jessica Rhodes, Founder & Co-Owner at Interview Connections, where she has been connecting podcast guests since 2013.

In this episode, Jessica explains:

  • Why podcasts are human and, therefore, effective
  • How podcasts build your brand
  • Why podcasting is a long-term strategy

Why podcasts are effective

When you see a robot-authored mass-email in your inbox, do you get excited to buy that thing? Probably not, because there is no human connection.

What makes podcasting so effective is that it plays into our social tendencies as a species.

We feel connected to the people we are listening to because the medium fosters a sense of knowing someone personally.

What makes it so effective is that it’s based on human relationships and connection.”

JESSICA RHODES at Interview Connections

By hearing them have real human conversations, we not only are we hearing the value they are (hopefully) providing, but it is mediated by their personality.

Their humanity. People buy from people.

Sure, you still need to provide value. But all other things being equal, people are going to buy from a human over a robot every time.

That is, of course, until we get sassy, flawed-but-lovable robots from the Jetsons or Futurama — and even then, it’s their humanity that seals the deal.

Simply put, podcasting is effective because it’s human.

Building a brand

You already know you want to build a brand to get more leads.

This involves getting your name out there, above all else. Speaking on podcasts, which provide value to your target audience, is a great way to do this.

First off, you are reaching the people who are looking for what you are selling. You’re getting highly qualified leads.

You need to just show up and provide value.

It’s psychological. You want to communicate your success and your value so people want to work with you.”

JESSICA RHODES at Interview Connections

Secondly, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your domain.

If are being invited to speak on that subject, you must know what you are talking about. It also portrays you as highly successful in this field — hopefully, you already are but, if not, then people will perceive you as such.

And because they are hearing you have conversations, all of the human-element benefits we’ve already mentioned combine with this to bolster your leads.

So, it makes sense to get on as many podcasts — or start one — as you can. Just make sure you are showing up, providing value and reaching the correct audience.

When it comes time to buy, you’ll be top of mind.

The long game

“Time to buy” is important to remember.

Jessica’s case studies are endless; podcasts provide real results and offer great ROI…

But you need patience.

Podcasts are not for those who need instant gratification. It builds your brand, your name, your personality and gets you leads over time. And it’s a golden rule of selling that your buyer is not always ready to buy when you want to sell.

People have different timelines and cash flows, of course, but if you have patience, podcasts will pay off.

Your job is to continue showing up, communicating the value and presenting why it’s urgent. But also have the patience to know that not everyone is going to be on your timeline.”

JESSICA RHODES at Interview Connections

The other problem is tracking.

It’s often hard to pinpoint the value of each individual appearance. The conversation equation ends up being a little convoluted, which may put some people off.

Some people will hear you on 5 different shows before they ever think to contact you; others will have no idea what put your name in their mind.

But there are ways you can make tracking a bit more focused.

If you want to track specific leads and results, you need to tell your listeners a specific action to take. When they do, you will exactly what sent them to you.

One thing that is vital for tracking the success of your podcast appearances is to make sure they are all in the same funnel.

If you try and micromanage every podcast, then you have a recipe for major frustration — which, despite sounding like the name of a semi-decent 80s action movie, nobody wants.

Podcasts are a holistic strategy. Each appearance gets you a little closer to that long term ROI.

But be patient. It will come.

This blogpost includes highlights of our podcast interview with Jessica Rhodes, Founder & Co-Owner at Interview Connections.

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