Orchestrating Your GTM Symphony with Jill Rowley

GUEST: Jill Rowley, GTM Advisor and Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital

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The go-to-market process is the lifeblood of any successful product launch, as it helps to ensure that it is launched in a way that will effectively reach and appeal to your customers.

At the heart of a go-to-market strategy is a deep understanding of your customer’s needs, desires, and pain points. 

In theory, things look simple.

In real life, it gets more challenging.

So, we asked ourselves:

How do we evolve our go-to-market strategy and put that into an ecosystem that drives customers as the central part of our conversation?

To help us with this topic today, we have Jill Rowley, GTM Advisor at Stage 2 Capital, Guild Education, LoopVOC, and Folloze, a software sales veteran, a startup advisor, and a savvy investor.

What is the dream scenario for the go-to-market ecosystem?

Technology and digitization have transformed how companies approach sales, marketing, and customer success. Nowadays, businesses have an incredible opportunity to reach their customers in new and exciting ways, like collaborating with other companies that your customers already know and trust. By teaming up, you can create more value for your customers.

“My superpower is connecting people to people, people to ideas, people to resources, and thinking about it through the lens of the mutually beneficial value that these two people or these groups of people or this ebook or this podcast has”.

Jill Rowley, GTM Advisor and Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital

Customer centricity starts with aligning GTM teams

GTM teams must work more cross-functionally and think holistically about the customer experience. Buyers don’t want to be handed off from one department to another, so internal partnership, collaboration, and orchestration must be done through the lens of the customer.

Reduce friction

The more people you have involved in your go-to-market strategy, the more friction you face, making things feel overwhelming and disorganized. One key solution to make it all run more smoothly is establishing effective mechanisms and tools for communication and collaboration among your team.

Platforms like Slack or Salesforce Chatter can help streamline workflows, keeping everyone on the same page and focused on the end goal. When it comes to reducing friction for the buyer, think of making it easier for them to access your product or schedule a demo.

GTM orchestration

Have you ever wondered how some companies deliver a seamless customer experience at every stage? It’s all about GTM orchestration. By orchestrating marketing, sales, customer success, and partner ecosystems, you can ensure that everyone is working together to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

This means listening to their feedback and incorporating it into your GTM strategy at every step. GTM orchestration starts with building a culture that prioritizes the customer above all else. This means hiring customer-oriented people and partnering with companies with the same values.

“The internal partnership, collaboration, and orchestration have to be done through the lens of the customer”.

Jill Rowley, GTM Advisor and Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital

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