Lisa & Carlos Steal the Show w/ Sales Methodology Secrets

GUESTS: Lisa Schnare, ValueSelling Managing Partner and Carlos Nouche, ValueSelling Associate and Visualize Vice President

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No matter how many times you do something successfully, there is always room for new approaches that elevate success to the next level — whether that’s finding the perfect way to help clients scale their business with an easy-to-follow and consultative sales framework… or the perfect new hosts to carry everyone’s favorite sales podcast into the future.

The latest B2B Revenue Executive Experience features two guests who are so fantastic, I’ve decided to hand the keys to the show over to them. Seriously — after nearly 250 episodes, I’m passing the torch to Carlos Nouche and Lisa Schnare, who joined me to share everything you need to choose the perfect sales methodology for your business.

In this episode, we discuss

  • How a sales methodology helps you succeed
  • Vendor and methodology selection
  • How to drive adoption

How a sales methodology helps you succeed


The biggest benefit to any organization offered by a sales methodology is consistency. No, not like mixing up a cake batter — although a winning framework might be described as “buttery smooth” — it’s about the consistency baked into your sales process.

If everyone is working off the same sales recipe, you can deliver repeatable results across your whole organization. That’s invaluable because consistency is the key to scaling. Sure, you may already have some reps who are crushing it, carrying others and you may even be ahead of your targets.

Only, what happens when they leave?

Even if some curse forces them to stay forever or face turning into a newt or a pumpkin, how do you replicate their results with every new hire a growing business demands?

Short of magic, scaling requires repeatability — and that comes from consistency.

The death of a (solo) salesman

Without an organization-wide framework in place, every rep is on their own, blindly groping in the dark to hit their targets — and left to fend for themselves if they don’t. Finding the right methodology for your organization makes it so that everyone is working together for the company’s sake, not just themselves.

The proper sales methodology means that before you ever need to send the flailing rep adrift into the cold unknown, you can instead pinpoint what’s wrong with their approach and fix it. Rather than finding varying success with as many approaches as you have reps, you have one battle-tested way to win, which can entirely transform your culture if adopted by all, reinforced by the whole organization and inspected by leadership.

The people

Don’t worry; a killer sales methodology will not stifle individual salespeople, even after everyone is so in sync that you’ve started wondering whether you should enter line-dancing competitions. It’s a solid skill set for success your reps can take with them anywhere and contribute to any organization they find themselves in, whether selling in Seattle or Stockholm.

“A true sales methodology — one that alters your culture, is adopted, reinforced, and inspected — is a feather in your cap; it’s something you put on your resume and carry with you”

Lisa Schnare, ValueSelling Managing Partner

Besides, you’ll be happy to see them succeed elsewhere because you know you aren’t losing their valuable skills; you’re gaining an opportunity to instill them in others. Sure, some reps will still perform better, but the variance will be much less, which benefits you, your business and your prospects.

Getting started


When do you know it’s time to adopt a sales methodology? Luckily, this one is easy: There is never a bad time to get started.

If your sales have completely slumped and your revenue shrinks, the correct methodology straightens them out like a brace. If previously sprinting sales start slowing, it gives them a shot of espresso and sicks a Rottweiler on them. Even if you’re already hitting every conceivable sales target, a winning methodology makes it easier and more sustainable.

Still, if you want to adopt successfully, you need everyone on board before you ever select a methodology — or at the very least, your whole revenue team — from leadership on down. CROs, VPs of Sales and leading sellers all have a vital role in reinforcing the value of the framework you adopt.

The vendor and methodology selection

Now it’s time to select a vendor and the methodology that’s right for your organization. Ultimately, you need to analyze various frameworks against your specific needs, but all vendors will share some key characteristics. The most important of which is a passion for their approach.

How do you know they are passionate about their methodology? They use it to sell to you. If they don’t use it, that should send off more red flags than a soccer ref judging a diving competition.

“Is the person selling you a sales methodology actually using it to sell to you? Are they just a sales rep, or are they passionate about their methodology?”

Carlos Nouche, ValueSelling Associate and Visualize Vice President

We might be biased at ValueSelling Associates, but we are obviously passionate about our methodology and know it works because we use it every single sale. Unfortunately, not all vendors can say the same — and those who can’t are the ones to avoid.

The education

When it comes to salespeople, forcing them to attend mandatory training without the right context or plan can easily fail to deliver the goods. Why? Their first reaction will be “Can I weasel out of it?” When they notice that you’ve boarded up the fire exits and there’s no escape, their next thought will be “How quickly can I get through it and back to the old behaviors that work for me?”

So, instead of wasting everyone’s time and angering your local fire marshal, you need to make sure everyone understands why it matters — including leadership. What goals are you trying to achieve as an organization? How does this help you get there?

You also need to emphasize the benefits to your reps and their personal brands we’ve already mentioned — this personal stake ultimately helps encourage adoption across your whole team.

Wrapping up

If you’ve read this far, you’re well on your way to transforming your business with a winning sales methodology — and there are plenty more golden nuggets left for you to mine in the full conversation.

As you can already tell, you’re in great hands with Carlos and Lisa, but before I sign off, I want to thank you for your continued loyalty throughout the past 250 or so episodes you’ve spent listening to my voice and learning alongside me.

Until next time, I wish you nothing but the greatest success. — Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associates.

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