The Quick & Easy Guide to Brand Tracking

GUEST: Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking

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You wake up after a night on the town. As you fumble for coffee, images of last night flash by.

You don’t remember everything, but you’re sure that every eye was fixed on your sweet dance moves. That is, until you see the video your friend sent you of you shuffling around and zombie-rawring strangers to Thriller.

Wouldn’t it be great to always know how others see you?

Today, we’re talking about brand tracking with Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking, to find out how you can gain the context to push your branding to the next level.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How brand tracking goes beyond data-driven marketing to provide true context
  • The pitfalls of forgoing brand tracking
  • The importance of authenticity in branding

Ready to learn more about social commerce and the real context behind your mountains of data?

“Brand tracking can really make or break a strategic initiative, a launch or an entire brand identity.”

Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking

Passionate about growth

A seasoned world traveler, Angeley is currently based in Berlin, Germany, where she delights in restoring historic homes to their former glory.

With an MBA from the prestigious Benedictine University in Chicago, she’s also an alumna of Wharton and Oxford. She moved from a VP seat to the C-suite after only a year with Latana.

For ten years, Angeley has volunteered her expertise to the Grameen Foundation, and she’s a fierce advocate for their mission to break the cycle of global poverty.

“Branding is standing on its own, and it’s proving its value and worth over time.”

Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking

Social listening

You’re a pro at data-driven marketing — but do you know the specifics behind the feelings of your niche audience?

If your business is expanding into new markets, Angeley’s philosophy of brand tracking will revolutionize your customer relationships.

  • Self-examination for true brand awareness
  • Knowing your customer journey intimately
  • Industry benchmark research
  • What do your customers associate your brand with?
  • Utilizing machine learning to listen to the deeper signal

We’ve got literal mountains of data at our fingertips, which can sometimes cause data paralysis. Brand tracking can wrangle all that into more manageable contextual layers.

As Angeley points out, “it actually gives marketing and brand leaders a lot more backing and credibility in the initiatives that they’re driving.”

“Consumers are no longer responding to clickbait-type campaigns anymore. They’re really responding to the essence of what brands stand for — and they’re backing that up with their monetary decisions.”

Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking

Authentic messaging

Real stories resonate with consumers. Unlike a celebrity endorsement, this kind of campaign has the authenticity that customers crave. Nobody has any time for brands that are embarrassingly out of touch.

Many companies bust out a GTM strategy that’s solely based on performance marking. However, buyers are a lot more cynical these days.

Taking a deeper dive into your data and tracking your brand across the metaverse will help you maximize your positive brand awareness — something that’s critical in today’s volatile global market.

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