The Sales Trainer’s Happy Hour: Credibility

GUEST: Carlos Nouche, Natalie Pitchford and Lisa Schnare, ValueSelling Associates

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This week, we’re trying something a little different — sales experts Lisa Schnare, Natalie Pitchford and Carlos Nouche join Chad for drinks to discuss why credibility matters and how to build it fast.

In this episode, we break down what it takes to establish credibility, including:

  • Personalization
  • Preparation
  • Authenticity
  • Overcoming anxiety

We’re about to get a little NSFW, so buckle up!

“The reason we want to personalize is because it builds credibility for us and our business as a trusted partner for their business.”

Lisa Schnare — ValueSelling Associate

The interconnectivity of everything credibility

Buyers today expect immediate gratification. A thousand other vendors are trying to get their attention. To break through the noise, you must personalize your approach.

That takes time. Is it worth it?

  • Yes, says Lisa, because it’s one of the key ingredients to building credibility.

You need to establish it as quickly as possible. First impressions are key.

  • Carlos points out that “people will remember how you made them feel much longer than anything that you say.”

In your initial engagement, you have to get to things they care about instantly.

“You’ve got less than 60 seconds to establish credibility. It’s really important because it’s how you earn the right to more time.”

Natalie Pitchford — ValueSelling Associate

You have to stay current if you want to stay relevant. Asking questions is crucial. Taking the time to make weak excuses is not.

“If you’re seeing a list of excuses late cycle, think ‘we didn’t put in the effort to really connect with someone early in the sales cycle’ — and that all starts with a credibility introduction.”

Carlos Nouche — ValueSelling Associate

Engaging authenticity

Not to bash, but there are generational differences we need to acknowledge. Some Boomers might miss the latest trend, and Gen Z won’t get references to past circumstances.

  • Building credibility comes down to authenticity, and you have to care about what you’re saying. People can smell a rat.

Genuine curiosity is hard to learn and harder to fake, but it’s what you need to succeed. If you actively give a crap, then your customers will share your enthusiasm.

“Every day that you spend doing research you’re going to resent because you don’t actually connect to it, you don’t actually find it interesting. That comes across very much in the way that you sell.”

Lisa Schnare — ValueSelling Associate

But we can still fall prey to anxiety, fear and imposter syndrome.

  • Fake it ’til you make it is just another way of saying practice makes perfect. You got this.

We all have the same struggle. And we’re organically injecting humanity into sales, so the robots don’t take our jobs.

  • Start the conversation every day with a simple, “How are you doing?”

Take away points

Here are our three guests’ top diamonds for you:

  • Make it about them — be truly curious
  • Make it relevant
  • Be a master at your craft

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