The Sales Trainer’s Happy Hour: Virtual Selling

GUEST: Carlos Nouche, Natalie Pitchford and Lisa Schnare, ValueSelling Associates

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You’ve heard every old canard imaginable — but the last 20 months brought a new one: I can’t sell virtually.

What if we told you your rep is looking at virtual meetings all wrong? And maybe you are, too.

For the second time, experts Lisa Schnare, Natalie Pitchford, and Carlos Nouche join Chad for drinks in our NSFW sales series and this time, it’s personal… virtually!

In this episode, we discuss how to adapt to this new sales landscape, including:

  • How to stay on target in a virtual world
  • How leadership can overcome the challenges of distractions from a distance
  • How to overcome video reluctance

Remote sales don’t have to be a struggle bus for your team. Make it a triumph instead.

“If anything, this last year and a half has taught us it is so important to keep that human element and maintain those relationships, even if we can’t physically be together.”

Natalie Pitchford — ValueSelling Associates

Nerves and Zoom fatigue

Not everyone loves being in front of the camera. Some people feel awkward, and it shows.

Flat images, annoying virtual backgrounds, the dread of how dorky you look on video, all these distractions cause confidence loss — the ultimate sales killer.

Zoom fatigue is real, but this is an unprecedented chance to be on the same level as your buyers and forge solid and lasting relationships.

“We fall back on a lot of habits we had in the past that don’t actually matter anymore. As long as you come across in an educated, credible way, you’re going to build trust with clients that will span years of engagement.”

Lisa Schnare — ValueSelling Associates

Adapt and overcome

The forced shift to remote working was indeed painful. Nobody was prepared.

Things aren’t going back to the way they were in the Beforetimes, so sales reps are just going to have to suck it up.

Carlos says the world keeps spinning, and people are making money. It’s been 20+ months. “Find your way to get over your fear of engagement because it’s here to stay, so you gotta make this medium work.”

“You are a differentiator for your company. Be you — and make it work for you”

Carlos Nouche — ValueSelling Associates

Beat video reluctance

The pandemic was a globally transformative experience. It’s time to evolve.

Virtual meetings take more upfront prep to be truly effective:

  • Create a flattering, comfortable studio space.
  • Send agendas in advance.
  • Manage expectations and build your techniques.
  • Respect people’s time — and demand respect in return.
  • Build a buffer between meetings to recharge.

You CAN build a powerful rapport virtually, and your team CAN hit their goals, Zoom or no.

To sum it all up: Over-communicate. Put in the extra effort. Be your fun, authentic self. Life is short — don’t hold back.

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