The Three Pillars of Effective Leadership with Vanessa Judelman

GUEST: Vanessa Judelman, Author, Leadership Coach and President of Mosaic People Development

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The moment you’re in management, your role within a company changes. Your tasks will revolve around time and people management, and you must ensure everything is executed strategically. So, what exactly does effective leadership look like, and what should you optimize first?

“Knowing yourself.”

“Managing your team.”

“Leading your business.”

These three pillars of effective leadership successfully coach, develop, and provide optimal feedback to your workforce.

A true leader should be able to answer this question easily:

What am I getting paid to do?

To share more about the importance of effective leadership and how you can use it to prioritize, educate and motivate your workforce, Vanessa Judelman, author, leadership coach and president of Mosaic People Development, a leadership coaching company that develops leaders who inspire great results, will join us. Vanessa covers the three pillars of effective leadership required to successfully motivate and delegate the workforce.

Why is effective leadership so important?

Effective leadership increases internal trust within an organization by over 300%, removes employees’ uncertainty and makes strategic decision-making easier. 

You have to balance and set boundaries while being self-aware

Knowing yourself is the key to leading your business to success.  It will help you find the perfect work-life balance and set the proper boundaries for your team. 

Set the right tone by being direct but not overly explicit. Establish suitable boundaries by setting your daily goals.

“We all have strengths and weaknesses in our workstyle, but where is the boundary between being direct and not overly direct or rude?

Vanessa Judelman, author, leadership coach and president of Mosaic People Development

The Three Pillars of Effective Leadership

The three pillars of effective leadership: knowing yourself, managing your team and leading your business, are essential for the management’s success at any organization. 

As a leader, your task is to manage people and time while ensuring deadlines and work-life balance are met, and internal and external company relationships stay healthy.

“Set goals by the day. You have to know the things you want to accomplish, and when you have accomplished them, you have to shut down because there’s always more to do.”

Vanessa Judelman, author, leadership coach and president of Mosaic People Development

What is a leader paid to do?

Leaders are paid to think and act strategically. A leader’s task should always align with the goals and objectives set out by policies and work processes to make it easier for their workforce to deliver competent performance consistently. 

Good leaders know how to motivate and delegate their workforce and build reports through 15-minute-a-week engagement sessions. They also know that following up is critical to the sales cycle.  

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