Why Creating Content at Scale Is Easier with AI

GUEST: Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse

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Everyone knows content is critical to success. Yet, so many struggle with creating content effectively at scale. If you’re one of them, you may need to enlist the help of AI.

Today, I’m speaking with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse, about how content creators can draw upon the power of AI to maximize the return on their content investment.

We discuss how AI can help you:

  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Create better content than your competitors
  • Easily differentiate your content in a crowded landscape

Become the expert

One of the most important aspects of crafting killer content is being a trusted expert.

However, the less-important aspects often take up too much bandwidth for your subject matter experts to effectively demonstrate their expertise.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Whether it’s the SEO components like keyword research or just planning the organizational process for delivering your content components, getting mired in the details can detract from the expert content you’re seeking to deliver.

With AI, your writers can focus on the stuff they’re experts in without worrying about all the little things they hate doing.

“We want that collection of content on your site to tell the story that you are an expert.

Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse

A single source of truth

By using AI products like the one offered by MarketMuse, your content planning, keyword research, and content optimization — such as logically arranging content for each step in the buying process — can all be accessed by your writer in one convenient location.

The AI can also validate work already created by assessing whether it answers common questions or is comprehensive enough.

The AI can then deliver near-instantaneous feedback on whether the content has any holes or weak spots that need addressing.

AI can even help writers push through creative blocks by generating some content all on its own, which can help with inspiration for the next step in your content creation.

The combination of feedback, assistance, and inspiration means your experts can spend their time being experts instead of wallowing in minutiae.

Beat the competition

There are a few ways AI can help you stay ahead of your competitors every step of the way.

First, AI can give you a truly unfair advantage by letting you know in advance what return to expect from the generation of organic traffic on any content item before you produce it.

And the insights you can call upon when creating AI-assisted content give you unparalleled benefits when it comes to beating your competition.

“There is no reason for you to ever publish content on a topic and have it not be equal to, or better than, your competitor’s.

Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse

Always being able to validate your content against any competitor before publishing is obviously huge, but there are other components as well.

The AI can tell you all of the topics you need to cover, provide user intent profiles, illuminate the personas you need to target, and even plan your long-term strategy for truly owning a topic.

Be first to the topic

AI doesn’t merely analyze the top five ranking websites but all of the relevant content out there already.

Stay comprehensive

This helps you find gaps in coverage and ensures you will have the most comprehensive content, which, in turn, means you can steadily build more and more confidence in your expertise with your buyers.

And the validation of your content is just as easy to apply to your competitor, allowing you to see how you stack up against them by the same metrics.

You will always know what topics any expert needs to cover to be seen as an expert.

Stay fresh

The process doesn’t just elucidate the hot topics — it also allows you to uncover the underserved topics.

“If you write about underserved related concepts, you are immediately differentiated.

Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse

Not only are you able to offer better content than your competitors, but you can also share your expertise on content few of your competitors have spent much time on, despite its relevance to your buyers.

Always be current

Of course, you’ve likely made plenty of content already.

Let’s face it: Some of this content is a little embarrassing — but, often, it’s the 8-year-old, out-of-date pages getting the most traffic.

Luckily, AI means you can audit your existing content just as easily as you can create new content and, more importantly, update your content without the risks to your traffic that going in blind would pose.

If you want to be the expert, you need to focus on your expertise — not the busywork.

So, try letting AI take those tasks over.

Pretty soon, you’ll have the best content out there.

This post includes highlights of our podcast interview with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse.

For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.