Why the Brain Buys: The Neuroscience of Sales

GUEST: Dr. Terry Wu, Owner of Neuromarketing Services

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You’re throwing an office party, and you need noisemakers, silly hats and confetti.

You can find all of these things on Amazon, but lately, you’ve also been fielding increasingly-aggressive office visits from a door-to-door party clown from the local clown college trying to sell you these very items — and he warns that if you don’t, you’re a terrible manager and hate puppies. Who do you go with? And why is it Amazon?

Today’s guest, neuroscientist Dr. Terry Wu, owner of Neuromarketing Services, says you choose Amazon because our brains are wired to love buying but hate feeling like we’re being forced to buy.

This is just one of many examples Dr. Wu shares in the latest episode of The B2B Revenue Executive Experience on how neuroscience influences buying behavior — and how understanding the science helps you make a sale.

We discuss:

  • The difference between helping a customer buy and selling to them
  • The power of framing when it comes to buying decisions
  • How free will — or lack thereof — plays into buying behavior

Let’s learn more about leveraging science to increase revenue.

“If you put people in control, they love to buy. But if you force people to buy something, they’re very reluctant.”

Dr. Terry Wu, owner of Neuromarketing Services

Neuromarketing master

A marathon runner, a world-famous speaker and an inspiring leadership coach Dr. Wu is all that and more. He’s also a pioneering neuroscientist who can help you harness biology to boost sales and become a better leader.

Humans are contrary creatures, and we naturally abhor pushy salespeople. The simple trick to overcoming this hardwired resistance? Let the customer drive.

He’s digging deeper, being vulnerable and showing his clients he truly cares about making this authentic human contact.

“If we just teach people how to sell without understanding why the brain buys — why people buy — we’re missing half the game.”

Dr. Terry Wu, owner of Neuromarketing Services

Battling buyer anxiety

Fear makes people irrational — but giving them more choice drives sales. When given only one item to choose from, it’s, “Do I buy this or not?”

That causes anxiety.

Give someone more to choose from, and that changes to “Which one of these should I buy?”

Dr. Wu says that the switch can take the “not buying” decision right off the table, vastly increasing sales.

The eternal question

We’ve wondered about the concept of free will for millennia. Dr. Wu believes we’re subject to loads of nefarious influences we’re not even aware of.

That’s why subtle changes have a huge effect on your decisions when it comes to buying.

Not every biz can be Amazon, but here are the neuroscientific basics that give help them succeed:

  • Zero hard sales pitches
  • Many buying choices
  • Gentle persuasion with clear pricing and delivery/implementation options

Neuromarketing is a new way of organically reaching your customers and guiding them to purchase instead of trying to force them into a sale.

Dr. Wu’s revolutionary philosophies lead to unbelievable results. Launch your sales to the stratosphere by starting here:

Now that you know why the brain buys, are you ready to learn how to foster human connection to build high-performance teams or how to overcome buyer resistance? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.