Buck the Trend of Sales Reps Not Adding Value to Buyers with Techniques Revealed in The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life

The new book offers B2B revenue leaders and sales professionals a simple framework to deliver real value to buyers and accelerate sales results.

CARLSBAD, Calif. – September 20, 2023 – A new book released today, written by sought-after sales leader and trainer Julie Thomas, unveils value-based selling techniques that are critically important to close the gap between how buyers want to buy and how sellers want to sell. The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life (Wiley, September 20, 2023) provides B2B salespeople with a solution to this problem. This influential book has been ranked as a #1 new release by Amazon in both the Business Sales and Customer Relations categories.

The Power of ValueSelling points out that the abundance of online information available to buyers has impacted the way they buy – and as a result – how modern sellers need to sell. Today, buyers can do their own research before making a purchase for their business and avoid spending time with a salesperson they may perceive to be annoying. In fact, 72% of B2B buyers prefer completing their purchase without speaking to a rep, according to Gartner research.

Yet, this research also reveals an intriguing paradox: buyers who don’t rely on salespeople during their decision process are often unhappy with the purchase they make. Gartner reports 56% of buyers have significant regret after making a large technology purchase.

The problem is, many buyers don’t know how to diagnose their own business issues and often come up with a prescriptive solution that is off the mark. Additionally, the buying process has become more complex due to the number of people, agendas and biases involved in a group decision. This is why buyers should rely on the knowledge and advice of a salesperson.

However, that revenue professional must be focused on providing value – not only on their own agenda.

Sales Strategies Delivered in The Power of Value Selling
In this new book, CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Inc. Julie Thomas helps revenue professionals understand how each unique customer defines value, and how to apply a simple, powerful framework and sales methodology to deliver real value to buyers ꟷ and to accelerate sales results.

The Power of Value Selling enables sellers to focus the sales conversation on value, instead of price, and identify business issues that create urgency to unlock new sales opportunities. The author provides:

  • Strategies for selling to the C-suite, closing more business, expanding your sales footprint, managing global accounts and generating consistent renewal sales
  • Methods for building credibility and rapport with buyers along with proven sales prospecting strategies to win time on their increasingly packed calendars
  • Ways to motivate buyers to take action and improve sales forecast accuracy through a repeatable opportunity qualification framework
  • Actions for aligning your revenue engine and enabling all customer-facing team members to improve the customer experience

This book is based on research and practical experience gleaned by working with hundreds of thousands of revenue professionals around the globe. An indispensable guide for seasoned revenue professionals and B2B sales leaders seeking to boost their real-world performance, deepen customer relationships, and improve customer experience – The Power of Value Selling will also benefit early-career salespeople looking for practical sales strategies.

Praise for The Power of Value Selling
Endorsements by sales leaders and industry influencers praise the advice shared by Julie Thomas in her latest book:

“Simple. Impactful. Relevant. This practical playbook for human-to-human connections will become the standard for customer-obsessed companies.”
Melissa Widner, CEO, Lighter Capital

“Generating scalable, profitable revenue takes work. Make it easier for your clients, sales team and company by incorporating The Power of Value Selling. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.”
Tim Marken, Former Chief Growth Officer, Boston Globe Media and Managing Partner, Leonidas Strategy Group

“The concept is timeless, and it works. The Power of Value Selling delivers a fresh perspective on how modern buyers want to buy. It is a must-read if you’re interested in sales training and coaching.”
Richard Eldh, Founder, Emeritus, SiriusDecisions, Inc. and Former EVP, WW Sales, Gartner, Inc.

“Technology permeates all facets of business. But how do you sell complex technology? Julie’s book shows how. It is the valuable guide you need to accelerate your sales results.”
Dan Holmes, VP, Financial Services, Dun & Bradstreet

“What you will learn is the critical importance of how buyers want to buy as opposed to how sellers want to sell. The framework addresses this gap. A brilliant read for leaders who want to dominate their space!”
Bradford T. Brown, CEO, BeLegendary.Coach

About Julie Thomas, the Author of The Power of Value Selling
Author, speaker and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Inc., Julie Thomas works with revenue leaders across industries to help them realize sales results they never thought possible. She is passionate about guiding revenue organizations through uncertainty and helping them build resilient, engaged teams that drive predictable, sustainable results and create customers for life.

Julie has authored two books, ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time and The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life, and is a contributor to Forbes.com, the Forbes Business Development Council and the LinkedIn Sales Blog.

About ValueSelling Associates, Inc.
ValueSelling Associates, Inc., a leading global sales training company, offers a practical methodology for selling on value, not price. The ValueSelling Framework® is a proven formula that simplifies the complex B2B sale, and the Vortex Prospecting™ program provides a repeatable process that increases connections and conversions to the revenue pipeline. Once trained on the ValueSelling method, organizations grow revenue and increase productivity. Since 1991, thousands of professionals around the world have chosen ValueSelling Associates for customized training, reinforcement, and coaching to drive sales results. wordpress.valueselling.com

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