New Vortex Prospecting Program Delivers Proven Results for Sales Reps

Demonstrates the Power of ValueSelling to Increase Revenue Pipeline

RANCHO SANTE FE, Calif., August 28, 2018 ValueSelling Associates, Inc., a leading sales training company, today announced results associated with its new Vortex Prospecting™ program which delivers an increase in call volume, connections, meetings set, and pipeline value.

In today’s complex sales environments, B2B organizations need a consistent, repeatable prospecting process that gets results. One that enhances human connection, allows sales professionals to be authentic and provides a framework for scalability. Vortex Prospecting combines the best practices in multiple channels with the ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology to help to get more meetings and increase conversions. Specific successes measured by ValueSelling include:

  • A cloud-based solutions company whose entire sales team went through Vortex Prospecting training increased their average deal size by 8% in the first quarter after attending the training.
  • A SaaS client in the loyalty and hospitality space who implemented Vortex Prospecting increased the number of qualified leads per rep by 11% and increased the number of conversions from Sales Development Rep to Account Manager by 31% in the first quarter after training.
  • An IT services firm that implemented Vortex Prospecting based on the ValueSelling Framework saw an increase in deal size of 10% and their win rate increase from 43% to 61%.

Vortex Prospecting’s multi-channel, cadence-based approach proved most effective in securing meetings as well as increasing quantity and quality of pipeline. Vortex Prospecting is a highly interactive, instructor-led program that drives results for companies that have sales reps who are:

  • Busy but not productive or consistent in their results
  • Struggling to strategically choreograph their prospecting
  • Afraid to pick up the phone and get more meetings
  • Unsure of what to say when leaving a voicemail
  • Ill-equipped to leverage social media for prospecting
  • Giving up too quickly when cold calling
  • Missing the skills to handle objections when asking for a meeting

“The companies that have adopted Vortex Prospecting are achieving impressive results,” said Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner with ValueSelling Associates. “One of my client‘s teams generated $1 million in new pipeline during the workshop and they continue to exceed quota today. A sales director whose team recently completed Vortex Prospecting training told me his team set more meetings over a two-day period than they had in the previous month.”

Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, explains, “Vortex Prospecting is a repeatable, cadence-based approach that works for all sales reps whether account-based, market-based, geography-based or tele-sales. Sales leaders also gain tremendous insight by capturing specific prospecting metrics that can then be managed for long-term success. We’re excited about the momentum and value our clients realize through Vortex Prospecting.”

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