ValueSelling Associates Boosts Sales Rep Credibility with Executive Speak™ Program

Unique Program Prepares Reps with Insights to Sell Higher

Rancho Santa Fe, CA – Today’s sales meetings are becoming business conversations, which require a greater level of business acumen and financial literacy. As seasoned sales professionals retire in droves and a younger workforce takes over customer accounts, organizations wrestle with how to increase the sales productivity and credibility of new hires when calling on executives and managers.

“The inability to connect offerings to buyer needs continues to be a significant influencer on sales performance, with over 72% of organizations rating this competency gap as a top inhibitor to revenue growth,” said Heather Cole, Service Director, Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions. “We cannot expect reps to have effective prospect interactions without a foundational understanding of the critical drivers for their buyer personas, including not only industry and company environments but also critical financial metrics that decision-makers are held accountable to. Making these connections ultimately helps reps gain the competence, credibility, and confidence to have better conversations.”

To address this critical need, ValueSelling Associates, Inc. developed the Executive Speak™ program for any organization that wants its sales reps to call higher, secure executive-level meetings and show up prepared. Executive Speak guides sales reps through a focused, finite sales preparation process that results in relevant insights worth listening to. The program includes the 360° Profile Builder™, an interactive tool that provides a roadmap for sales reps to engage executives in business conversations.

“You only get one shot at an important sales meeting, so you have to show up giving it your best. Customers expect you to know them, their industry and their perspective. Sales reps are often inefficient and ineffective at sales call prep, and risk wasting an executive’s time,” said Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates. “The Executive Speak program leads people on quickly sifting through relevant data and then turning that data into insight. A sales rep establishes credibility by having a value-added conversation and demonstrating their knowledge and preparation. This program puts reps on a fast track to becoming a trusted advisor.”

Building off the globally proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology, the Executive Speak program develops business acumen, giving sales reps the confidence and competence to sell higher, create more opportunities, and generate more revenue for leading sales organizations.

ValueSelling Associates offers customers a conversational, question-based sales methodology that is simple, scalable, and sustainable, empowering sales organizations around the globe with a proven formula to engage, qualify, advance and close opportunities.

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