ValueSelling Associates Unveils Redesigned eValuePrompter®to Drive Sales Results

Built Inside Salesforce, This AI-Guided Tool Maximizes Sales Training ROI, Increases Revenue and Improves the Customer Experience Across the Revenue Engine

CARLSBAD, Calif. – June 29, 2023 – ValueSelling Associates introduced the completely redesigned eValuePrompter®, a customer-focused toolset that is built inside the Salesforce CRM platform, guided by artificial intelligence (AI), and powered by the proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology. Sales leaders can use eValuePrompter to maximize training return on investment (ROI), increase revenue and improve the customer experience across the revenue engine.

Why it matters. By incorporating the eValuePrompter into Salesforce, sales leaders can drive adoption and measure the significant impact of the ValueSelling Framework on their top and bottom line to achieve these types of results:

  • Deals over $100,000 (USD) using the eValuePrompter grew 130% to 175% more compared to those without.
  • Sales reps, managers and account teams trained on the ValueSelling Framework realized an average 65% increase in deal size, nine months post-training.

The eValuePrompter aligns with recommendations from Gartner’s Market Guide for Sales Training Service Providers, Worldwide. Specifically, the eValuePrompter:

  • Helps sellers learn and apply behaviors presented during training, including automation and different types of AI
  • Increases long-term adoption by reinforcing new skills and best practices by placing learning and new processes into the CRM and parts of the seller workstream
  • Provides ongoing reinforcement, tools and strategies to drive adoption of training content and integrate training outcomes into the sales organization’s technology and tools

What’s new. The eValuePrompter is built inside Salesforce and designed to seamlessly integrate with any third-party application that also integrates with Salesforce, such as, Calendly, Highspot, etc. For sales leaders, this means their teams don’t need to learn a new system and don’t waste time on redundant admin work or platform switching.

The new eValuePrompter comes with a suite of tools to help sales teams substantially boost sales productivity. These tools provide an easier way to qualify prospects, manage opportunity details, accurately forecast and close bigger deals faster:

  • Sales Call Preparation – playbooks are broken down by persona and verticals to capture critical information before, during and after calls in the voice of the customer
  • Opportunity Assessment – qualify opportunities, identify areas of risk at a glance to get winnable business back on track, and evaluate deals to move them to close
  • Stakeholder Mapping – engage and add value across the buying group to ensure every opportunity is multi-threaded and every unique need met
  • Automated Mutual Plan Development – effective and accurate follow-up to discovery calls using the voice of the customer
  • Templates to Increase Adoption of the ValueSelling Framework — help revenue professionals implement ValueSelling Framework concepts on the job immediately. Templates are included for ValuePrompters®, mutual plan letters, reverse timelines and power maps.

“Sales leaders gain advanced analytics and insights into what’s working and what can be improved with the completely redesigned eValuePrompter,” said Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling Associates. “Easy-to-use dashboards provide leaders a holistic view of their sales team’s performance, enabling you to identify gaps in execution, transform sales coaching efforts and replicate the success of top performers.”

eValuePrompter also helps revenue teams eliminate departmental silos, improve hand-offs between sales, customer success and support, increase renewal sales success and improve overall customer satisfaction.

ValueSelling provides onboarding and training to help sales leaders realize immediate improvements in key sales metrics such as velocity, win rates and average deal size. Try eValuePrompter free for 30 days. To learn more or request a demo, contact or visit our website.

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ValueSelling Associates, Inc., a leading global sales training company, offers a practical methodology for selling on value, not price. The ValueSelling Framework® is a proven formula that simplifies the complex B2B sale, and the Vortex Prospecting™ program provides a repeatable process that increases connections and conversions to the revenue pipeline. Once trained on the ValueSelling method, organizations grow revenue and increase productivity. Since 1991, thousands of professionals around the world have chosen ValueSelling Associates for customized training, reinforcement, and coaching to drive sales results. 

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