“By using the ValueSelling method, I was able to show the client why he should spend more with us and why we were valuable and worth his dollars. Thank you again for all of your help.”

Christine Spaziano

Christine Spaziano Multimedia Account Executive, Boston Globe Media

“Thanks so much for a fantastic two days of training last month! You turned my sales world upside down (in a good way). I’ve been incorporating the OPC questioning into my calls and it’s done wonders.”

Account Manager

Account Manager Market Research

“The ValueSelling methodology and account planning process is our super sauce for enabling existing teams to gain more success.”

Director, Worldwide Field Enablement

Director, Worldwide Field Enablement Computer Software

“I’ve used ValueSelling at two different companies. It’s easy to understand. It’s a great tool. I’d definitely recommend ValueSelling.”

SVP, Worldwide Field Operations

SVP, Worldwide Field Operations Data Management Platform

“As far as driving change and common language throughout the salesforce, the ValueSelling Framework supports the way we approach customers…in a consultative conversation with their best interest at heart.”

SVP, Global Sales and Marketing

SVP, Global Sales and Marketing Financial Solutions

“ValueSelling is easy to implement, and it brings us together to beat the competition.”

VP, Human Resources

VP, Human Resources Financial Solutions