The Essential Guide to Value-based Sales Training

Research by LinkedIn revealed that while 65% of salespeople (and 72% of top performers) say they always put the buyer first, only 23% of buyers agree. That’s a serious discrepancy — what’s to blame for the mismatch?

The single biggest roadblock to implementing a truly buyer-first approach: “Lack of the right skillset among existing sales talent.”

The solution is obvious: Sales training that embodies the five principles of the buyer-first mindset — a value-based approach to sales training that creates customer-obsessed sellers who forge long-term relationships. Luckily, that’s what this guide is all about.

In it, we’ll cover the fundamentals of value-based selling and how to build a customized sales training program, drive adoption and measure its impact.

“We partnered with Selling Power and surveyed more than 150 senior sales leaders — nothing had as much impact as a seller’s ability to communicate value.”

This Complete Guide Will Teach You:

  • The Fundamentals of Value-based Selling
  • A Sales Methodology that Attracts & Retains Top Talent
  • Steps to Build a Customized Sales Training Program
  • How to Ensure Adoption of Key Sales Training Principles
  • How to Measure the Impact of Your Sales Training Initiatives
    and much more…