Sales Checklist to Close the Quarter | Online Sales Webinars

This time of year has sales leaders and individual contributors pulling their hair out looking for ways to close the year and quarter strong, but what if you had a simple checklist to identify the risks? A repeatable process that provides everyone with an easy way to uncover blind spots, focus on the right opportunities and increase the odds of winning.

When deals stall it’s because something earlier in the sales cycles was missed. It probably seemed small at the time, but now it’s a barrier to buying. This is good news!

You already have all the tools you need — if only you had a framework that would enable you to efficiently review the sales process and determine where the opportunity went out of sync.

That’s where ValueSelling Associate and Visualize-Inc. partner Carlos Nouche comes in. Join him on November 18 as he shares a proven playbook that will enable you to transform challenges into opportunities that close — with time to spare in Q4.

Presented by Rishi Dhawan
Presented by Johan van Veen and Wolfgang Otto (auf Deutsch)

Nov 18th, 2021 at 10AM PT

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