From Conversations to Conversions: the Art of Asking Questions

We’re bombarded by messages daily, so it’s important to remember that delivering your message is not the most important skill to master in sales. Pitching is dead. Engagement and empathy are what count in today’s world.

A key for turning leads into opportunities is the ability to communicate effectively. Your ability to sell anything is dependent upon establishing trust, rapport and credibility. In practice, this involves replacing a sales pitch with developing a human connection. By practicing great questioning techniques and asking the right questions, you demonstrate how much you care about a buyer’s needs, wants and outcomes.

Join us for this complimentary one-hour webinar led by Julie Thomas, President & CEO of ValueSelling Associates. Learn a questioning technique that can improve your effectiveness in prospecting and get an action plan to increase interest and engagement with prospective clients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s worth the effort to prepare to ask better questions
  • 4 types of questions used in the ValueSelling Framework
  • How to reverse engineer the customer buying process to improve your win rate
  • The art of crafting questions tailored to your sales situation
  • Leveraging active listening as an integral part of your response

Who should attend:

  • Sales leaders to front-line managers
  • Individual contributors seeking to engage with prospects
  • Marketing and sales enablement

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