How a Value-Based Selling Approach Delivers Sales Results

ValueSelling Associates Partners with Selling Power to Publish
a New Resource for B2B Salespeople

CARLSBAD, Calif. – October 11, 2022 –  The global sales training market is poised to grow to $4.21 billion by 2024, according to Technavio, yet research from HBR shows that nearly 70% of change initiatives fail. Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates, explains sales training is an important change initiative, and the high failure rate is why B2B sales professionals must take a value-based approach. “Now, more than ever, the selling solution for today’s complicated world is value-based selling because it is a common-sense approach, said Thomas, “but common sense isn’t always common practice—and that’s the problem.”

ValueSelling Associates, Inc. has partnered with Selling Power to produce a special edition of Selling Power magazine titled, “Value-Based Selling: The Approach that Builds Sales Results.” It is focused on demystifying value-based selling, explaining what it is, how it works to deliver sales results, and why it works so well. When sellers develop the skills to sell on value, rather than price, they qualify opportunities better and faster, achieve higher win rates, and engage C-suite executives. This accelerates revenue growth and positions the seller as a consultative partner.

“Value selling is no longer simply a tactic for salespeople to use with prospects,” states McKinsey Partner Michael Harney who is a featured expert in the special edition. “It must become a corporate mindset in which all eyes are focused on the customer and on the data that flows from all customer interactions across all channels. Companies that do this well can reap dramatic gains.” In the article “The Value-Selling Mindset,” Harney outlines the steps leaders must take to rewire an organization and make this transformation.

ValueSelling Associates is sharing its special resource on value-based selling as a free downloadable PDF.

What: Special edition: Value-Based Selling: The Approach that Builds Sales Results

Where: Download the special edition now.

Topics – A sampling of the topics covered includes:

  • Why Sellers Need to Take a Value-Based Approach
  • Prospecting in a Virtual World – How to Fill the Funnel
  • The Power of a Single Sales Methodology for Global Execution
  • The Value-Selling Mindset
  • Coaching to a Sales Methodology: How to Drive Sustainable Adoption

Who – Some of the experts featured include:

  • Julie Thomas, President and CEO, ValueSelling Associates
  • Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
  • JB Bush, Managing Partner, ValueSelling Associates
  • Michael Harney, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Carlos Nouche, Partner and VP, Visualize Inc.
  • Alex Auerbach, Sr. Director of Wellness & Sport Development, Toronto Raptors
  • PJ Nisbet, Managing Partner, ValueSelling Associates
  • Roderick Jefferson, CEO, Roderick Jefferson & Associates, and author of Sales Enablement 3.0

Whether you’re an executive sales leader, sales manager, or sales rep, value-based sales training creates a common language for greater forecast accuracy, powerful deal reviews, and effective sales coaching. ValueSelling Associates offers the only proven sales methodology with a toolset integrated throughout the entire sales process that simplifies B2B selling by focusing on the buyer and the value they receive by doing business with the sales professional and their company.

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About ValueSelling Associates, Inc.
ValueSelling Associates, a leading global sales training company, offers a practical methodology for selling on value, not price. The ValueSelling Framework® is a proven formula that simplifies the complex B2B sale, and the Vortex Prospecting™ program provides a repeatable process that increases connections and conversions to the revenue pipeline. Once trained on the ValueSelling method, organizations grow revenue and increase productivity. Since 1991, thousands of professionals around the world have chosen ValueSelling Associates for customized training, reinforcement, and coaching to drive sales results.

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